MEDIA RELEASE: Coalition’s housing announcement won’t touch the sides of the affordability crisis

MEDIA RELEASE: Coalition's housing announcement won't touch the sides of the affordability crisis


Responding to NSW shared equity scheme announcement today as part of the upcoming state budget, Greens Housing spokesperson Jenny Leong MP and Greens Treasury spokesperson Abigail Boyd MLC have called for a broader more equitable response to the housing crisis.


Jenny Leong MP and Greens Housing Spokesperson said:

The Coalition’s supposed “fix” for housing that’s been unveiled today won’t even touch the sides of the affordability crisis in this state.

“This scheme is so limited in terms of who can access it that it will have no benefit to people who are eligible and work in the inner suburbs of Sydney, with virtually no properties for a family meeting the price cap.

"So many people who are in desperate need of housing security will be left out and ineligible for this scheme.

“There has been no mention of support for people with a disability. While artists, hospitality workers, childcare and community service workers all appear to be excluded.

“People are in crisis, this is not the time to tinker around the edges, we need a complete overhaul of the housing system so that it puts people before profit.

“This means building masses of public housing, properly investing in crisis accommodation and wrap around services for people who are homeless, and putting renters rights at the heart of the solution to this housing crisis.

“This crisis didn’t just happen, but it can be solved – it is time to put an end to the decades of inaction and bad policy by successive governments and ensure everybody has a place to call home.” said Ms Leong.

Abigail Boyd MLC and Greens Treasury, Finance & Economy Spokesperson said:

“This is a desperate scramble to plug the holes in a housing system sinking under the weight of decades of bad policy decisions. The housing crisis in NSW can’t be solved with these sorts of half-baked copycat ideas – we need bold reforms that reinstate housing as first and foremost a home and not a commodity.

“This home equity scheme, just like the proposed stamp duty reforms, is first and foremost about lining the pockets of the Coalition’s property developer mates.

“Instead of taking just an equity stake and propping up the private housing market and the balance sheets of the big banks, the Coalition government should be making a massive investment in public housing across the state. It is only with 100% state ownership of more housing stock that we can begin to turn this crisis around.” said Ms Boyd.

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