370 Bus Passengers

Read in Parliament on 13 October 2017:

"I draw the attention of this Parliament to the trials and tribulations of all those who have caught—or attempted to catch—the 370 bus which runs from Glebe to Coogee, travelling through the electorate of Newtown. Dubbed "the worst bus in Australia", it is a haphazard bus that is now famous for extended delays.

I wish to recognise each and every person who has braved the elements to wait for the 370, often to simply watch it drive on past their bus stop without actually stopping, and those who have waited patiently for one to arrive long past when it was due to then see three appear in a row. To the few special people in our electorate who have successfully hailed and boarded the 370, and arrived at their destination on time, we salute you. The 370 is the worst bus. Congratulations to anybody who has managed to use it to get somewhere on time."


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