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Attention: NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard

We the undersigned urge you to ensure full access to safe, secure and affordable reproductive health care in NSW. Now that we have achieved the long overdue reform to decriminalise abortion in NSW, we want to ensure it also results in real world change for women and people who need it.

We ask that you immediately:

  • Ensure that all public hospitals in NSW provide surgical terminations as is the case in Victoria.
  • Provide information to all local health districts and all relevant medical professionals that explains recent changes to abortion law and makes clear their obligations
  • Actively promote the online training modules available for GP's to be able to provide medical abortion up to 9 weeks
  • Encourage and incentivise health practitioners, particularly in regional areas, to attend in person training run through the Primary Health Care Network to increase skills and decrease stigma 
  • Establish monitoring and reporting mechanisms within NSW Health to ensure that action can be taken where people are given misleading or damaging information about their rights to access an abortion.
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Help Us Improve Access to Abortion

After a decades long community campaign, abortion is finally legal in NSW but substantial barriers to access still exist. Issues with medical professionals fearing backlash or being unsure about what changes to the law mean can have a huge impact on the availability of abortions. A lack of incentivised training is also taking its toll on access.

There are ways to solve this - with some policy changes, some active promotion, a roll out of training and some clear support that reduces stigma, we can remove these barriers.

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Decriminalising abortion was a much needed step to achieving reproductive rights in NSW - but we always knew that this law change wouldn’t be enough on it’s own. Join our call on NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard to now deliver on the historic legislative reform we achieved last year by resourcing and empowering health professionals to ensure access to full reproductive rights.

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