Alice St Developer must respect council and community

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has criticised developer El Maha for their complete lack of respect for the local community and council when it comes to the proposed development at Alice St Newtown.

“The arrogance and lack of regard for the community which is being exhibited by this developer is staggering,” Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said.

“Council has knocked back a seven-story development at this site twice now. Rather than head again to the Land and Environment Court, perhaps the developer should focus on building the approved five-story structure.

“The Greens are also very concerned about reports from the community that work on the development is having negative health and safety impacts on local residents.

“The developer has been fined by the council a number of times and appears to have little regard for breaking council construction regulations.

“I have met with the community on this issue and have advocated on their behalf to Marrickville Council and asked questions of the NSW Planning Minister.

“The disdain and complete lack of respect shown by the developer towards the local community and council is a sad outcome of the failed NSW planning system.

“Successive NSW governments have introduced planning laws which make it easier for developers to override community concerns, council regulations and environmental controls.

“Thanks to NSW Labor and Liberal governments, developers seem to feel entitled to do whatever they want in NSW.

“The Greens will continue stand with the Alice Street community on this issue. We believe in planning for people, not for profits,’ she said.

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