Budget fails to deliver right infrastructure for Inner West

The largest single Roads and Transport Infrastructure budget item in the NSW Budget is WestConnex with $2.9 billion earmarked this financial year, with nearly $800 million for planning and pre-construction costs. 

"The Liberal government is committing billions to the wasteful and polluting WestConnex project but has failed yet again to deliver simple public transport improvements like accessible lifts at Redfern, Stanmore or Petersham railway stations, says Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker. 

“The Liberal government is continuing its wasteful expenditure on this destructive 33 km tollroad which won’t solve Sydney’s congestion problems.

“These mega billion dollar projects are a fantasy of the road building lobby which don’t address environmental or social needs but rather drain government funds which should be spent on improving public transport. 

“The start-up $17 million dedicated to the Western Harbour Tunnel and Northern Beaches Link should alarm residents of the Balmain peninsula who will face huge exhaust stacks as the proposed tunnel will extend under the peninsula to connect with the M2 in Lane Cove. 

“Contrasted with the excessive spend on WestConnex and associated road infrastructure is the paltry, slum lord style lack of investment in urgent repairs for public housing properties. The deterioration public housing properties continues apace with a miserable allocation of just $2.9 million per electorate for repairs in Balmain and Newtown. These funds will fail to address the huge backlog in maintenance which tops almost $300 million across the state. 


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