Community Meeting: the future of Redfern, Darlington, Eveleigh and Waterloo

This meeting will bring local residents together with all of the major residents action groups in the area and representatives from the council to pool our resources and make sure we a working together for the best outcomes.

Our local area is a wonderful, active community but it seems the powers that be want to sell it off and develop it until it’s unrecognisable.

First told us they were planning to put apartments for 26,000 people in the Central to Eveleigh corridor. Then they announced it was going to be a “tech hub”: Sydney’s answer to Silicon Valley. Are both these plans happening in the same place at the same time?

They sold off Australia Technology Park to fund the upgrade of Redfern Station, but now they tell us they need to sell of more land to fund the upgrade. What happened to the money from the sale of ATP?

Meanwhile, Darlington Public School is being redeveloped, Sydney University is expanding and the redevelopment of Waterloo will include around 2,000 new homes.

Is anyone actually in charge here? Are these agencies talking to each other? Is there actually room for all these plans? Who is in charge of making sure there will be open space and community facilities?

Hear from people involved with Darlington Public School P&C, Waterloo Public Housing Action Group (WPHAG), Redfern Station Upgrade Community Group, REDWatch, Residents Acting In Defense of Darlington (RAIDD) and more.

Come and find out about the various conflicting plans for our hood, and how we can work together to ensure that community is front and centre of the plans for our area.


September 11, 2018 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm


The Settlement
17 Edward St
Darlington, NSW 2008


Newtown Electorate Office · · 9517 2800

Will you come?

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