Community save Globe Wilkins preschool

The announcement this morning by Sarah Mitchell, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning that the Globe Wilkins Preschool will be maintained onsite at the Wilkins Public School is a big win for the local community, according to Jenny Leong MP, Greens state Member for Newtown and Greens Inner West Councillor, Tom Kiat.  

Jenny Leong MP

“This is a big win for all the parents and local community who must be congratulated for campaigning hard to keep this invaluable preschool in our community.

“This welcome announcement shows that the state government has recognized the role the Globe Wilkins Preschool plays in setting the high bar of excellence in early childhood education over many years.

“Building a new preschool at Wilkins will mean that the excellent work Globe Wilkins does with its Aboriginal Preschool Language program and its ongoing support for children with a disability, will continue and grow.

Tom Kiat, Councillor 

"This is a huge relief for the parents who have worked so hard to save their preschool from closure."

"The parents in the community have successfully convinced the local Council, and now the State Government, that this preschool is too valuable to lose."

"Greens on Council are 100% committed to maintaining and expanding our early childhood education services. At a time when our community is rightly demanding high-quality and affordable early childhood education, we can't go backwards."

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