We Demand Enthusiastic Consent Laws!

Enough is enough.

Right now in NSW the laws that we have to respond to sexual assaults are woefully inadequate.

The way that ‘consent’ is defined within the NSW Crimes Act makes it possible, and even probable that Police, Courts and Juries will rely on false and outdated ‘rape myths’ to decided whether or not an assault has taken place.

As a result, conviction rates are extremely low and people who experience sexual assault often don’t report it because they know they won’t get justice.  

The NSW Attorney General knows this is a problem, but three years after he admitted to it, changes still haven’t been made. He referred the matter to the Law Reform Commission who received input from experts and stakeholders and handed down a report.

He has everything he needs to make this reform a reality to stop sexual assault and ensure justice for victim-survivors

Email the NSW Attorney General to act to reform consent law now. 

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