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To Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier, 

I note that cyclist injuries and fatalities have increased in NSW in the past 12 months and that cyclists are vulnerable on roads without cycle-ways.

Cycling helps reduce traffic congestion and keep our air clean and our bodies healthy.

I support cycle safe communities and the right of cyclists to use the roads and to be safe.

I ask that you support cyclist safety in our community by:

  • ensuring that local councils and state government agencies are adequately funded to devise, monitor and enforce regulations which ensure cyclists' safety

  • providing adequate funding to develop more separated cycle paths in our community
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Mora Main
Tim Neate
Kevin O’Neill
Peter Harrower
James Greville
Zeynep Berk
Ryan Goldsworthy
Anthony Collins
Sean Price

It’s like a jungle out there for bike riders. Bike riders are vulnerable on roads without separated cycle-ways. Cyclist injuries and fatalities have increased in NSW in the past 12 months. 

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