Greens Move on Enthusiastic Consent Bill

Jenny Leong MP, Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights has today given notice that she will introduce the Crimes Amendment (Enthusiastic Consent) Bill to the NSW Parliament to reform consent laws in NSW. 

Our current laws make it almost impossible for victim-survivors of sexual assault to get justice, with definitions around consent, non-consent and knowlege of consent falling heaviliy in favour of the perpetrator. 

Jenny Leong MP, Greens NSW spokesperson for Women’s Rights says:

“Tens of thousands of women have taken to the streets this week calling for this reform. The strengthening of consent laws must be one of our highest priorities and if the Attorney General isn’t going to act, then we will.”

“There are huge problems with our current laws on consent in regard to sexual assault. As a result, reporting rates are staggeringly low, conviction rates are worse. These laws need urgent reform so that victim-survivors can get justice.

“We know that the current laws protect rapists, not victim-survivors, and the Attorney General knows it too. We can’t afford to let our laws block justice a moment longer - we need this reform right now. 

“This reform has already been achieved in Victoria and Tasmania. We are committed to working with experts, stakeholders and those with lived experience to develop this bill to ensure NSW has the strongest protections when it comes to consent laws.

“The Attorney General recognised the need for this change three years ago and referred the matter to the Law Reform Commission who received input from experts and stakeholders and handed down a report. He has everything he needs to make this reform a reality to stop sexual assault and ensure justice for victim-survivors.”


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