Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop


(Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop during the 1917 rail strike ex NSW State Archives)

The South Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop site has enormous heritage significance and value in terms of Australia’s social, rail and labour movement history.

The building has been sold off by the NSW Government to MIRVAC who are developing it as a retail space but are required to complete a Stage 2 Heritage Interpretation Plan before obtaining a construction certificate to begin work on the development of the site. 

As part of the consultation process, community members, heritage groups and unions proposed a range of concepts for the preservation and display of the Locomotive Workshops' material and social history, including a Workers Wall to commemorate the extensive and important workers’ history encapsulated in this site.

Local residents and heritage and union groups rightfully expect significant heritage memorials on this site.  Such memorials would be important to all Australians and ensure that the site’s significant heritage is celebrated and not destroyed or neglected.

Further information on the heritage significance of the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops here.

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