Media Release - Overdue Eviction Moratorium Welcome, But No Rent Relief Yet

In response to today’s announcement by the NSW Government outlining an eviction moratorium for NSW renters and other measures, Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing welcomed the much needed protection put in place through an eviction moratorium and increased funding for tenant support, but questioned whether the money allocated to the package will actually assist in reducing rents at this time.

Jenny Leong MP said:

“This moratorium on evictions in NSW, including protection from being blacklisted, will provide crucial protection for those who have been living with the stress of being evicted into homelessness because they can’t pay their rent.


The additional funding boost of $2.3. million for advice and advocacy services to support tenants through these negotiations with their landlords is much needed.”

The fact that this overall package provides $10 million for mediators, as well as incentives for landlords to be able to access hundreds of millions in land tax relief if they provide rent reductions, but no direct money to tenants, means the benefits of this package for renters remain to be seen.

At this stage it appears that there is no certainty that renters will not face large debts at the end of the 6 month eviction moratorium - it all depends on landlords agreeing to reduce rents to receive some land tax relief but there’s no guarantee that agreement will be reached on any arrears.

We will be closely monitoring this scheme in coming weeks to see if rents are being reduced and whether there are loopholes that need fixing so that renters - who represent almost a third of the NSW population - are protected.”

The Greens are committed to ensuring that no-one is evicted into homelessness during this pandemic - or left with a massive rent debt when it is finally over.”

More information: 0499 550 996

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