Extinction Rebellion Silent Vigil

Extinction Rebellion Sydney has been hosting a silent vigil outside the gates of the NSW Parliament every morning this week and Jenny Long MP spoke to them, and also drew attention to them in Parliament. 

Hansard extract:

"I draw the attention of this parliament to the Extinction Rebellion silent vigil being held outside the gates of the NSW Parliament this morning and every morning this week. The silent vigil aims to remind all MPs entering and exiting that the people we represent want climate action now. The vigil is being organised by Extinction Rebellion Sydney which are the local branch of the international movement that is growing rapidly and uses nonviolent civil disobedience to attempt to halt the mass extinction which is occurring as a result of climate change.

I had the chance to meet and talk to the attendees of the vigil this morning and see their signs which point out that climate change is a top concern for people in our community and that climate inaction will result in environmental and economic disaster. This vigil and other nonviolent direct actions by Extinction Rebellion are crucial actions to ensure that those in charge cannot ignore the climate crisis and the urgent need to act. I commend the activists outside for their courage and determination – and the hundreds of thousands of other rebels in NSW and across the globe for their leadership."

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