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We the undersigned call on the NSW Liberal/National Government to urgently implement a package to make renting fair. 

In all rental properties across NSW we are urging you to:

  1. End unfair no grounds evictions.
  2. Cap rents and limit rent increases.
  3. Class mould treatment as an urgent repair under the Rental Tenancies Act.
  4. Class the presence of serious mould as a breach of minimum housing standards.  

In all flood impacted areas, we are urging you to:

  1. Halt evictions for 12 months. 
  2. Apply automatic rent waivers on uninhabitable homes. 
  3. Issue Bond Vouchers for all impacted renters. 
  4. Halt rent increases for 12 months. 
  5. Increase funding and resources for tenancy advice, advocacy and tribunal.


928 signatures

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Emma Elmslie
Gabby Malpas
Megan D
Heather East
Thompson Daryl
Stacey Ross
Paul Le
Eva Tiborcz
Christina neumann
Violet Ifans-McDonald
Susan Margaret
Colin Tullett
Rutherford Margaret
Sarah Manuel
Ken Howarth
Helen hAlls
Anthony Kimpton
Ronda Duong
Isaac Gallagher
Tenishia Collard
alan wrigley
Patrick McGee
Amy Emerson
Mellissa Bowman-Finn
Annaki Kissas
Shakira Watts
faye haines
M Griggs
Kirsty Bray
Brianna Brown

Fix the rent crisis

Renters are in crisis. As the cost of living soars, people are being hit with unprecedented rent hikes and bearing the brunt of a broken housing market. 

Housing affordability is worse than ever before thanks to years of bad policy and unfair tax breaks that have put landlords' investment profits before people's right to a home. 

But it doesn't have to be this way, there's a simple solution that would give renters urgent protections and immediately ease the pressures renters are feeling. 

We need to put an end to sky-rocketing rents with a rent freeze and rent caps, end no-grounds evictions, and fix the rental crisis. 

We've got a bill in Parliament that would provide urgent relief for renters, sign the petition now to add your voice to the call and read the full plan here. 

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