Greens condemn far right pandering with foetal personhood bill

With reports that the Government will introduce a foetal personhood bill to NSW Parliament, Member for Newtown and Greens Women’s Rights spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP has said:

“The Liberal/National government should not be kowtowing to pressure from anti-choice, anti-women forces – this law is not necessary and it is shameful to see it being pursued.

“Experts have made it clear that we do not need these laws - they are not necessary or appropriate. We already have laws that account for homicide and grievous bodily harm. Injury must always be interpreted as an injury to the pregnant woman.

“Foetal personhood laws risk undermining the hard won struggle for the decriminalisation of abortion in NSW.

“The vocal advocates of this reform didn’t get their way when it came to the decriminalisation of abortion and so now they are trying whatever they can to further control women’s bodies.

“Using the tragic circumstances of women who have experienced such a personal loss as a way to advance an extreme right wing Christian agenda is disgraceful.

“These proposed reforms will act as obstacles to women accessing abortion and other reproductive health care - not to mention increased surveillance and monitoring of women’s reproductive health choices.

“The Greens will always stand up for a woman’s right to have control over her own body.

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