Greens Call for Full Transparency in Response to Latest WestConnex Approval

In response to the latest shameful rubber stamping approval of the next stage of WestConnex the Greens are urging the NSW Upper House to support the call for all papers relating to the sale of WestConnex.

Jenny Leong MP Member for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex:

“We know NSW Labor and the cross benchers are concerned about the lack of transparency and accountability of the Liberal/National Coalition when it comes to state infrastructure and their privatisation agenda which is why we are urging them to support the Greens Call for Papers to release all documents related to the tender and sale of the Sydney Motorway Corporation.

“The recent Planning Approval was hidden from the community because the Liberals know that this project is so toxic that any media is bad media for them. We need public access to all the information about the selloff which has also been hidden from public view.

“It is getting beyond critical - with secret deals and negotiations happening behind closed doors that will leave our communities lumped with a private polluting toll road while the Liberals and Nationals hand over control to private interests.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC Greens NSW Roads & Transport Spokesperson:

“The NSW Government’s hunger for toll roads is insatiable and at this rate, Sydney is on track to be the toll road capital of the world.

“Let’s be clear, the public are not the winners from this announcement as they will be forced to pay tolls for decades to come. Rather it is the toll road companies like Transurban and their financiers that will be celebrating.

“Thousands of submissions were made against this project and yet it is allowed to proceed. The level of disregard for public and good transport planning is shocking. WestConnex fails on all counts, social, environmental, economic and transport, and yet they are continuing this behemoth toll road.

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