Greens call for halt to all WestConnex work and funding pending federal audit

With the announcement by the Australian National Audit Office of their intention to audit WestConnex,  NSW Greens WestConnex Spokesperson Jenny Leong MP has called for an immediate halt to all work and funding of this controversial project.

"The Greens have consistently said that we need a halt to all construction and federal funding until an independent investigation has been conducted and this is now crucial as homes are being demolished and homes destroyed", said Greens MP Jenny Leong. 

“This is a great win for the community who have been calling for transparency and independent oversight of this project ever since the NSW Auditor General investigated this project and raised serious concerns in December 2014.

“The terms of reference for this Auditor General’s inquiry suggest that the decision to provide $3.5 billion of public federal funds needs to be investigated.”

“We know the proper processes weren’t adhered to when it came to funding WestConnex, with both the federal Liberal and Labor parties blindly throwing $1.8 billion at this project in the context of the 2013 election campaign. Let's not forget it was the former Federal Labor Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese that initially announced the seed funding for this disastrous motorway in January 2013."

"This audit decision follows the Senate voting in favour of a Greens motion to look into the federal funding for WestConnex. 


Media contact: 

Jenny Leong:  0499 550 996


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