MEDIA RELEASE: Greens call for housing crisis meeting to overhaul a broken system

Responding to reports that a housing crisis meeting is being held today between state and federal Housing Ministers today, Greens NSW Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP has called for rent caps and protections for renters against evictions, a massive investment in social housing to tackle the waiting list, aa coordinated funding plan to fix  the decades of bad maintenance in public housing.


Greens MP and Housing  spokesperson Jenny Leong said: 

“Today’s meeting is an opportunity to finally overhaul years of bad policy that have created this crisis and take radical action to fix the broken housing system. 

“House prices are soaring,  the public housing waiting list has blown out to hundreds of thousands of people, people are being priced out of their homes  and a generation of lifelong renters have virtually no security or protections.

“And it’s because successive state and federal governments have ignored renters, abysmally failed to provide public housing to those who need it, and instead created a system that entrenches wealth, prioritises profits and treats housing like a commodity. 

“When the issues people are facing are this big, we need ambitious and urgent solutions. 

“We need  a massive investment in building public and affordable housing that reflects the scale of the waiting lists , guaranteed rights and security for renters, and an end to negative gearing and unfair tax breaks that favour investors.

“This means capping rents and protecting renters from evictions, building a huge amount of social housing to address the growing public housing waiting list, and an agreement between state and federal governments to properly invest in public housing maintenance.

“This crisis didn’t just happen, but the solutions are all there. If the Housing Ministers from across the country want to help they must come to the table with a genuine commitment to put people before profit.” Ms Leong said.

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