Greens committed to affordable housing in all council areas

State government plans to allow five more local councils to access Sepp 70 provisions is welcome news but needs broadening, says NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing, Jenny Leong MP and NSW Greens Local Government spokesperson, David Shoebridge MP.

Jenny Leong MP said:

“We welcome to move to increase the number of councils able to access these affordable housing provisions, but given the level of the housing crisis we can’t just be tinkering at the edges.

“This year the Greens gave notice of a bill that would allow all councils access to affordable housing provisions under Sepp 70 not just a select few.

“The greens are committed to targets which will really start to make housing affordable again and that means at least 30% affordable housing in new dwellings.

“We need to break the mainstream acceptance of housing and new developments as simply a way for big corporations to make money. 

“Access to safe, secure affordable housing must be recognised first and foremost for what it is, a human right.

David Shoebridge MP said:

“This is a start, but all councils must be given access to these affordable housing provisions not just a handpicked few.

“Councils across the state, whether it’s Newcastle, Parramatta or Waverley, have a desperate need for affordable housing and all councils must be part of the solution.

"Greens on council have been seeking these initiatives at a local level for years, most recently passing an affordable housing motion in Woollahra to make it a more inclusive, liveable community. 

“This government appears to be slowly recognising that more and more development at unaffordable prices is not the answer to the State’s housing crisis, now it’s time to extend this to all local councils.

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