Media Release - Greens Committed to Enthusiastic Consent Reform in NSW

With reports that Cabinet is meeting today to consider consent law reforms in NSW, Member for Newtown and Greens Women’s Rights spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP, is urging the Liberal/National Government to listen to women and introduce an affirmative model of consent.

“The Greens are committed to an enthusiastic model of consent that puts the focus squarely on the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault - not on what the woman did or didn’t do, what the woman did or didn’t wear, nor on what the woman did or didn’t drink.”

“The time for perpetuating rape myths - and allowing them to infect our laws - needs to come to an end.”

“Hundreds of thousands of women have taken to the streets, added their names to petitions, disclosed their stories on social media and raised their voices to say enough is enough - and reforming consent laws is a big part of what is required to make the change we need.”

“This is an opportunity for the NSW Government to show they are listening to the overwhelming roar for reform by introducing consent laws that include a requirement to demonstrate the perpetrator took active steps to gain consent.”

“Now is not the time for half-measures or compromises, we need the strongest reforms available to address the toxic impact that sexual assault, rape and violence against women has on our society as well as on individuals.”

“If the Bill brought forward by the NSW Liberal/National Government doesn’t include a model for affirmative consent, we will be bringing forward amendments to ensure this opportunity is not missed, and we get best practice consent laws in NSW.”


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