Greens Condemn Baird's Council Sacking

Greens MPs and local inner west councilors condemn Premier Baird’s forced amalgamation of Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield councils stating that this action reaffirms this government’s absolute disregard for community concerns and its ruthless program of reducing services to NSW residents. 

Jenny Leong MP Member for Newtown

“This is the Liberal agenda - a vision for government tailored to developers and large private interests, at the expense of community voices and services that support the most vulnerable. The sacking of local councilors and the imposition of administrators until September next year will mean our community who are facing massive threats from WestConnex and Urban Growth will be without local representation at this crucial time.

Jamie Parker MP, Member for Balmain

“Make no mistake - the sacking of Councils is about cutting jobs and services. It is about removing what limited voice remains for communities to stand up to over development and to projects like WestConnex which will decimate our communities.

Cr Sylvie Ellsmore, Marrickville Council

“Marrickville Council is the second largest employer in our local area. Those jobs aren't just about picking up garbage and maintain our parks - they run our child care centres, our Meals on Wheels programs and our community festivals. The things that our residents love most about our Councils are what we stand to lose. 

Cr Rochelle Porteous, Leichhardt Council  

"This is all about the Baird Government pushing through their pro-development agenda. All three councils have strongly campaigned against over-development and to stop WestConnex - by amalgamating them their effective advocacy will be lost. We will see rates rise and services fail and a loss of local accountability and democracy."

 “The Greens fundamentally reject this, and we will continue to fight for the right for residents to control the future of their local communities.  Shutting them down and sacking elected representatives is not what we call democracy. 

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