Greens condemn WestConnex EIS rush - commit to disrupt sell off

Responding to the expected release of the M4-M5 Link EIS on 18 August, Greens Member for Newtown and WestConnex spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP has slammed the NSW Liberal National government’s attempts to bulldoze planning approvals through to clear the way for the sale in October.

“The timing of this release makes it clear that the NSW Liberal Government is rushing this through so they can ensure the whole thing is approved before they sell it off, she said.

“We know that the planning and governance for this project has been a farce and releasing the EIS before any response to the extensive community feedback on the M4-M5 Link concept design, shows more of the same contempt from this government.

 “The cumulative social and environmental impacts of all the stages of WestConnex have never been considered – what is the real environmental impact of building polluting toll roads? This process certainly won’t give us that answer.

“When it comes to assessing the safety and risks of this 9 km, 8-lane underground link the government is completely in the dark as there are no standards in operation to assess a tunnel of this scale.

“The Greens and the community know that WestConnex isn’t the answer and we will be doing everything we can to disrupt their plans over the coming months.

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