Greens to Co-Sponsor NSW Abortion Law Reform Bill

The NSW Greens are 100% pro-choice and pleased to be joining with pro-choice MPs from across the political spectrum to co-sponsor the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019. Jenny Leong MP, Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights, and Abigail Boyd, Greens Women’s Equity and Economic Justice spokesperson will be named on the Bill as co-sponsors along with 13 other NSW Members of Parliament.

Jenny Leong MP, Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights said:

“The Greens welcome this collaborative approach which reflects the approach taken by the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance, a group made up of over 70 organisations, as well as the broad ranging community support for the decriminalisation of abortion.”

“If reform of abortion laws in NSW is achieved it will be the culmination of a campaign led by feminists, pro-choice activists and reproductive rights campaigners over generations and so we welcome the multi-partisan approach which sees co-sponsorship of the Bill.

“It is high time we put an end to laws which seek to undermine a woman’s right to choose and a person’s right to access the reproductive healthcare that they want – it’s time to get this done.”

Abigail Boyd, Greens spokesperson for Women’s Equity and Economic Justice said:

“It’s fantastic to finally see some progress on this issue. It again shows that concerted and collaborative campaigns from grassroots organisations is capable of effecting change.”

“Well done to all the women over the decades who have continued to fight for such a fundamental human right – it has taken far too long, but we welcome this important step forward.”

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