Greens MP calls for Rental security to be part of solution to housing crisis in NSW

NSW Greens spokesperson for Housing Jenny Leong MP says that the NSW Government must consider the needs of the growing number of tenants facing lifelong renting as they address the housing affordability crisis.

“The reason that affordable housing is so essential is that it provides people on moderate incomes with a safe and secure place to live. That security should also be extended to renters and there’s a simple and immediate way to do that – by ending ‘no grounds’ evictions,” says Ms Leong.

“We know from research co-authored by CHOICE that 83% of renters in Australia have no fixed-term lease or are on a lease of less than a year, and 62% feel that they can’t ask for longer term rental security. Ending no grounds evictions is a fix that can be done now, that would provide the many families, retired people and others that are now renting with on-going security and the chance to put down roots.

“It’s all well and good for the Premier to want people to aspire to owning their own home, but long term renting is now a reality for many and this change will help them to have some stability and peace of mind.

“Supplying more luxury apartments owed by investors and rented out by dodgy landlords who demand exorbitant rents isn’t going to address the affordability crisis unless some protections are in place for renters. Ending no grounds evictions is an immediate step the NSW Premier and Housing Minister can take to help renters throughout this state ,” she said.


The Greens’ plan to reform rental laws includes ending ‘no grounds’ evictions, as well as capping rents, improving sustainability measures in rental properties, and increasing funding to Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Services (TAAS).

The NSW Residential Tenancies Act is currently under review, with the Government’s proposed reforms expected in the coming months.

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