Greens push for NSW to end unfair, no grounds evictions in NSW by Christmas

Greens MP Jenny Leong will today introduce a bill to NSW Parliament to end unfair, no grounds evictions and tackle the escalating rental crisis.

The Greens will push for no grounds evictions to be overhauled by the end of the year, and will today launch a statewide renters survey so NSW politicians hear the realities that renters are facing right now. 

Greens spokesperson for Renters Rights and Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP said:

“Ending no grounds evictions is an immediate fix that can be done right now to make a massive difference for renters throughout this state.

“The bill we are introducing today is simple, it’s practical, and it would mean the two million people who rent in NSW can end the year with some housing security. 

“Every single day renters are being hit with massive rent increases they’re too fearful to negotiate  or are treading on eggshells to ask for basic repairs because of the threat of being evicted. 

“The power imbalance is seriously off when people's landlords have the power to make them homeless with no grounds evictions. 

“With too many renters feeling like they’re being ignored by the politicians representing them, our statewide renters  survey will force politicians to listen to the realities renters in their communities  are facing. 

“I’m calling on all members of Parliament to listen to the renters in their community and vote to end no grounds evictions before the year is out.”

Renters survey: 

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