MEDIA RELEASE: Greens slam Liberal National government’s arrogant union busting

Responding to reports that the NSW Liberal/National Government will hit unions with massive fines, Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP slammed the proposal as union busting and called on the government to fix the conditions causing people to go on strike in the first place.

Greens MP and Industrial Relations spokesperson Jenny Leong said: 

“This is arrogant union busting, designed to undermine and attack workers who are doing one of the most powerful things they can ─ walk off the job for their rights and conditions ,” Ms Leong said.

“Teachers, nurses, transport and public sector workers are striking because their wages and conditions have been stripped down by this government for years - they are at breaking point.

“Hospitals and schools are in crisis , because of years of underfunding and under resourcing from this government.  While public sector wages are going backwards because of a cruel wage freeze.

“The moment that workers stick their necks out to demand a living wage and the conditions they deserve, this Liberal National Government doubles down even harder. 

“It is beyond insulting for Minister Tudehope to be driving this attack against teachers, nurses, transport, and public sector workers for striking ─ while he’s sitting pretty on a salary that is over $320,000 per year - in some cases quadruple what some of these workers earn - and without any of the pollie perks.

“Instead of whacking unions with big fines, this government must fix the conditions that are pushing our teachers, nurses and public sector workers to strike in the first place.

“The Greens will always support the right to strike.” Ms Leong said.

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