Greens Sniffer Dog Bill In Parliament Tomorrow

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong will bring the Greens’ Bill to end the use of drug detection dogs in a public place without a warrant to the NSW Lower House tomorrow. This is delivering on an election commitment Ms Leong made to introduce a bill to end the drug dog program with its state sanctioned harassment and intimidation if elected to the NSW

The Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Sniffer Dogs—Repeal of Powers) Bill 2015 aims to repeal parts of the Law Enforcement Powers and Responsibilities Act 2002 relating to the use of drug detection dogs. 

What:   Greens ‘Sniffer Dogs—Repeal of Powers’ Bill Second Reading Speech
Where:  NSW Parliament
When:  Thursday 17th March 2016, 10.30am

The Bill is part of the Greens NSW longstanding “Sniff Off” campaign against the use of error-prone drug dogs.

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong said:

"The NSW drug dog program has been shown over and over again to be ineffective and a waste of public money. It’s also highly discriminatory – targeting already marginalised groups in our community - and a blatant breach of our civil rights.

"The Greens are calling on the Government to make it clear why they continue to fund a program that is so obviously a failure.

“I will be very interested to see what position the new Labor Shadow Minister for Justice and Police Guy Zangari takes on this bill. Will Labor continue to stand by the Liberal Government and stand by this failed program? Or will they recognise the error of their ways and stand with the community, and the health and legal experts, who want to see an end to police using dogs to intimidate and harass.

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