Travel Concessions for International Students

Unlike domestic students in NSW, international students are not eligible for travel concessions. 

In 2006, this was determined to be racial discrimination, but still today the practice continues.

For decades students, student organisations, universities and community groups have been campaigning for international students to be able to have equal access to travel concessions as their local counterparts.

Now is the time for us to finally fix this - and end this discrimination in our laws.

Urge the Premier to support the Bill to grant international students travel concessions - SIGN THE PETITION HERE.

On 3 June 2020, Jenny Leong MP, Greens NSW Multicultural spokesperson and Member for Newtown introduced a Bill to allow international student access to travel concessions.

Watch Jenny's speech introducing the Transport Administration Amendment (International Students Travel Concessions) Bill 2020.


DOWNLOAD THE BRIEFING PAPER explaining the Bill - or view the Bill here.

Read Jenny's comments in the Media Release here

If you are connected with an organisation or group - or have a history or connection with this campaign over the years - please do get in touch.

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