Joint Submission on Parramatta Road Urban Renewal proposal


 Greens MP for Newtown, Jenny Leong and Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker cosigned this submission to Urban Growth stating their objections to the proposed overdevelopment of Taverners Hill, Leichhardt and Camperdown precincts.

As the local members of electorates which will be greatly impacted by these plans, Jenny and Jamie will  work with local communities and in the NSW Parliament against developments such as these which override and trample on existing Local Environment Plans and the Sydney Metropolitan Plan.

This is an artists impression of the Camperdown precinct (from the New Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy)


Submission: Draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy

Our electorates of Balmain and Newtown include the Taverners Hill, Leichhardt and Camperdown precincts.

We have received a large number of submissions on the draft strategy from constituents and support the concerns raised.

The Draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy seeks to increase the amount of housing from 736 homes to 6,014 in the three Inner West precincts of Taverners Hill, Leichhardt and Camperdown. This will produce close to a tenfold increase in population from 1,515 to almost 11,000.

This is an unnecessary and overwhelming imposition on the local community. It will make public transport less accessible, overwhelm local services and destroy what is special about our community.

The Inner West is already exceeding new housing requirements. Leichhardt Council, as an example, has a target set by the government’s Sydney Metropolitan Plan to deliver 2,400 new homes between 2005 and 2036. The Leichhardt Council area will have almost 1,800 new dwellings by the end of this year, already meeting its 2030 target which is 15 years ahead of schedule! The 2036 target will be easily met without imposing more than 5,500 new dwellings.

The draft strategy says more about the influence of the powerful developer lobby pushing for new development sites than proper strategic planning for a more liveable city.

Any development that does proceed along the Parramatta Road corridor needs to include a minimum of 30% inclusionary zoning.


Jenny Leong MP
Member for Newtown
02 9517 2800
[email protected]

Jamie Parker MP
Member for Balmain
02 9660 7586
[email protected]





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