NSW Liberals Talk Big but Deliver Nothing on Homelessness

NSW Greens Housing and Homelessness spokesperson Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has responded to the Liberal's homelessness announcement today by questioning the priorities of the Premier and highlighting the hypocrisy of the Minister for Family and Community Services.

“While setting targets is welcome, the targets announced by the Liberals today would amount to housing fewer than 5 people every week across the whole state! Surely we can do better than that.

"The complete hypocrisy of the Minister for Family and Community Services with this announcement needs highlighting. Under her watch we have seen a 37% increase in homelessness in this state - more than double the national average, and a raft of draconian policies which increase the risk of homelessness for public housing tenants.

"When the Premier first started in the job, homelessness was listed as a priority. Since then the Liberals and Nationals have done nothing but exacerbate the problems and talked big on promises while failing to deliver.

"The Liberal in NSW have overseen a public housing waiting list that currently has over 100,000 people, people living with high rental stress and the risk of unfair evictions, and a housing and homelessness sector that has the expertise and knows the solutions but aren't being listened to.

"This announcement is business as usual with the Liberals trying to big talk their $1 billion for homelessness, when in reality this was committed in the budget last year and is only $61 million in new money over four years.

"To actually address homelessness in NSW we need to recognise housing as essential infrastructure and see a massive investment in affordable, public and social housing. This can only be achieved if we stop the sell-off of public housing and public land, require high targets for affordable housing in all new developments, and put a cap on rent increases and an end to unfair no grounds evictions.

"It's crucial to remember that 30% of rough sleepers are outside major cities - this isn't just a inner city issue."

"The Greens believe that housing is a human right and that we need to make it a priority to end homelessness and address the housing crisis in NSW. We need a housing first approach and to ensure that there are no exits into homelessness.

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