Light Rail Inquiry Submission - Jenny Leong MP

The electorate of Newtown covers parts of Surry Hills, including the Devonshire St section of the CBD and South East Light Rail Project. As such, many local issues have been raised with us relating to the impact that this project has had on our community.

The overarching problem appears to be a result of a lack of transparency about decision making, failure to consult meaningfully or address concerns raised by locals, as well as a constant blame-shifting between Government departments and private contractors
with no-one taking overall responsibility for resolving the problems.

The good people who live and work in the electorate of Newtown, including the suburb of Surry Hills, are strong advocates for public transport. However, ‘public’ transport delivered by private contractors which prioritises private interests over community
needs is not acceptable to us.

The real financial and emotional impact of the NSW Government’s privatisation obsession has been felt by the people who live and work in Surry Hills.

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