Letter to the Transport Minister About Light Rail Construction in Surry Hills

Many Surry Hills residents have contacted our office concerned about the construction of the Light Rail in Surry Hills. While there is strong community support for government investment in public transport infrastructure like the Light Rail, residents have raised a number of issues about the delivery of the project. We have written to the Transport Minister, outlining the concerns that have been raised with us.  

From the correspondence received by our office, it is clear that residents are extremely concerned about the loss of amenity for Devonshire St and surrounds. The loss of a number of trees and greenspace has had a huge impact on residents, who report feelings of despair at this destruction of their once beautiful street. Residents have also expressed concern about issues like pedestrian safety, the need for an additional stop at Wimbo Park, impacts on local businesses, construction noise and traffic chaos.

You can read our letter to the Transport Minister here, outlining the concerns that have been raised with us.  We will post his reply here when we receive it.

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