Have you fallen through the gaps of the lockdown support package?

We know that there are some people who have fallen through the cracks of the COVID lockdown support package. 

We hold serious concerns for significant numbers of people who will not receive support in this package, including any current recipient of an income support payment such as JobSeeker, Austudy or the Disability Support Payment, as well as people who are in precarious work or housing. The eligibility of non-citizens is very unclear.

The purpose of this survey is to hear directly from you – so that we know where the specific gaps are in the support package – and who is missing out.

We will then use this information to raise it directly with the NSW Premier, Treasurer and Health Minister urging them to immediately address these gaps – and expand the necessary supports.

The Greens are committed to ensuring no one in NSW is forced to choose whether to risk breaking the health restrictions or being able to pay rent or put food on their table. By excluding people from this support package, this is exactly what people will be forced to do if the NSW Liberal/National Government does not act.

*Please be aware that we will not be individually responding to the concerns shared. However, when you complete this survey you will be directed to a page with contact details for emergency assistance and other support services.

Our COVID pandemic support directory also has a list of contacts where you can find assistance for specific issues.

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