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From time to time, we receive correspondence from people who disagree with our position on equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) people in our community. We think it’s important to be clear: this will not change our view. We are proud of our long and strong history working to advance LGBTIQ rights and equality – and will continue to do this.

The Greens have always stood up for full equality for LGBTI people, and for a society that celebrates and encourages diversity, and we always will.

The Greens are the only party resolute in standing for marriage equality, no ifs and no buts. We don’t believe people’s human rights are a matter of conscience and Greens MPs will always vote for marriage equality - every MP, every vote, every time.

There is overwhelming community support for marriage equality from every demographic, including people of faith, people in regional and rural areas and older people, but the old parties still hold LGBTI Australians back from equality nationwide. Disappointingly, the same-sex marriage bill was defeated in NSW parliament in 2013 by essentially one vote. The Greens will keep pushing for full marriage equality at both the state and federal level.

We are committed to standing up for genuine equality laws, to stop religious schools, hospitals and homeless shelters from turning LGBTI Australians away or firing them because of their sexuality or gender identity.

And we want to ensure that young people are safe – and don’t suffer from discrimination or harassment as a result of their gender, sexuality or gender identity.

We will keep working hard to implement policies, programs and legislative changes that will end discrimination, achieve full equality for LGBTI people and support their health and social needs.

You can read our full NSW policy here and our national policy here.




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