Sydney Rally: No More Delays! Marriage Equality NOW!

NSW Greens spokesperson on Sexuality and Gender Diversity Jenny Leong joined the 'No More Delays! Marriage Equality NOW!' rally at Sydney's Town Hall on November 7th, alongside thousands of marriage equality supporters.

The Federal Coalition has been fiercely opposing equal marriage rights for over a decade. Their latest proposal for a national plebiscite is an insulting delaying tactic and a blatant refusal to act immediately on an issue that has the support of the majority of Australian.

Jenny was one of the speakers at the rally and took the opportunity to condemn the Federal Government's refusal to support equality and basic human rights.

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we don’t need to be here. We are here because of a completely evil, divisive agenda of what was then the Howard Government, seeking to divide our community, to entrench discrimination in our laws with changes to the Marriage Act in 2004.

"That was a despicable act by our Federal Parliament and there is only one way that we can go back and fix that wrong. That is to see our elected Federal Parliamentarians stand up and say we were mistaken, this was wrong, and now we will right our wrong by allowing marriage equality in our federal law. That is what we need to see happen and that is what we should be demanding now with no excuses and no delays.

See the full speech here:


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