Jenny Leong MP congratulates Marrickville Council on opposition to WestConnex

Jenny Leong MP for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex has congratulated Marrickville Council on their stand against WestConnex and in support of community action.

At their meeting on 19 May 2015, Marrickville Council passed a motion to create and fund the WestConnex Advisory Committee and called for a full parliamentary inquiry and a halt to the tender process.



“It is appalling that the state government is pushing ahead with the tendering process, home acquisitions and construction despite widespread opposition from the community and a complete lack of transparency,” said Jenny Leong MP and Greens spokesperson for WestConnex.

“I congratulate Marrickville Council on listening to residents and local businesses by giving both principled and financial support to the community movement to stop WestConnex.”

“The council’s motion tonight is the latest in a growing number of groups, organisations and agencies putting their serious concerns about the viability of WestConnex on the public record.The evidence and opposition to WestConnex are mounting up.

 “People are losing their homes, public money is at stake and the state government refuses to listen to what the community really needs – investment in world class public transport.”


The Mayoral Minute passed by Marrickville Council reads:


That Council: 

1. Establish a Special Committee to be known as the WestConnex Advisory Committee in accordance with the draft Terms of Reference attached to this Mayoral Minute; 


2. Allocated $40,000 towards the engagement of specialist consultants to evaluate key aspects of the WestConnex proposal as determined by the Advisory Committee; 


3.    Council oppose the WestConnex project based on the key conclusions in the independent report “WestConnex Transport Modelling Summary Report” by SGS Economics and Planning; and 


4.     Council calls for the tender process (including home, business acquisitions) be halted for the New M5 and M4 East until there is a full parliamentary inquiry into WestConnex and the full business case is released.


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