MEDIA RELEASE: Broderick Report exposes toxic, unsafe, and sexist culture at NSW Parliamentary workplaces

Greens MP Jenny Leong has commented on the release of the Broderick report into bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct at NSW Parliament.


Jenny Leong MP said:

“This is a powerful and pivotal report that has lifted the lid on the toxic, unsafe and sexist culture in NSW Parliamentary workplaces. It exposes the failures of those in power and those responsible, who are directly complicit.

“As someone who has been in Parliament for 7 years, sadly none of this is a surprise. Parliament is a toxic, sexist and at many times unsafe workplace - nobody inside the institution needed this report to know this.

“To those who have experienced any of this harmful behaviour at the hands of those with more power than them and inadequate care or protection from those responsible - I am sorry.

“I want to acknowledge everyone who participated in this review and shared their experience. It is never an easy thing to do, let alone in this workplace - with such a stark power imbalance and lack of diversity.

“We also need to recognise that many were understandably too fearful to disclose or participate - in no small part because politicians can hire and fire on their own whim with no repercussions. 

“The toxic and aggressive “boys club” style of politics, that too many people in this place wear as a badge of honour, needs to change. 

“It’s clear from this report that those with the responsibility to fix things turned a blind eye to abhorrent behaviour and allowed a toxic culture to fester. 

“I am committed to working with all the men in leadership positions - because let’s be frank, they pretty much all are - to ensure the Framework for Action set out by the Broderick Team is implemented.

“Everyone deserves to be safe at work, at home, and in public. We owe it to everyone who works in our parliamentary workplaces now, and everyone who will in the future, to end this toxic culture.”


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