MEDIA RELEASE: Coalition’s budget leaves renters and people in public housing out in the cold

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and NSW Greens Housing spokesperson has slammed the NSW Coalition’s budget for leaving renters out in the cold and doing little to address the housing crisis . 

Greens MP and Housing Spokesperson Jenny Leong said:

“Renters are in crisis and the Coalition’s budget leaves renters in this state out in the cold. 

“Despite claiming a “reform budget for everyone”, this government has once again made a political choice to leave renters behind. 

“From the thousands of people in flood devastated communities who, months on, are still waiting for promised rent relief, to renters bearing the brunt of the cost of living crisis and facing massive rent hikes.

“The government’s only “fix” for the housing affordability crisis is a limited shared equity scheme that will exclude many thousands of people who are in desperate need of housing security.

“A $750 million promise to unlock ‘hundreds of thousands of homes’ looks like more handouts to big developers which will do nothing to help those struggling to find and keep a roof over their heads. 

“The Treasurer talks up women and girls equality but what about the tens of thousands of women and girls in NSW  on the public housing waiting list - how exactly will they be assisted while languishing on a 10+ year waiting list?’

“While giving  breadcrumbs for social housing and First Nations housing, this government is handing out an eye-watering $2.4 billion for bed capacity in NSW prisons. It says everything we need to know about their priorities. 

“The solution to the housing crisis is simple. We need to build and repair masses of public housing, properly invest in crisis accommodation and wrap around services for people who are homeless, and put renters rights at the heart of housing reforms.

“The Greens have a bill in Parliament that would stop unfair evictions, limit rent increases, improve rental standards and give renters in flood affected areas urgent relief. All we need now is for Liberal government and Labor opposition to step up and support it.”

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