Media Release: Greens Welcome Affirmative Consent Reform

Responding to the NSW Attorney General’s announcement to reform consent laws in NSW, including a model of affirmative consent, the Greens Women’s Rights spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP said:

"This announcement today is a powerful tribute to the advocacy, activism and expertise of women, victim-survivors and those who have experienced sexual assault."

“Along with so many, I wish to acknowledge the strength, determination and expertise of Saxon Mullins and other survivor-advocates in driving this reform. The work of so many organisations, led by powerful women, has contributed to this critical outcome.”

"While the need for this reform is not new, the overwhelming roar of women, particularly young women, disclosing their trauma online, demanding justice on the streets and campaigning for change in society over recent months has added a new momentum to this movement."

“It is very welcome that the NSW Attorney General has heard the calls of victim-survivors, experts and those who have experienced assault who have been urging this action.”

“The time for perpetuating rape myths - and allowing them to infect our laws - must come to an end.”

“We will be working closely with advocates and survivors on the details in the Bill to ensure it reflects the calls from the community - and puts the focus squarely on the alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault - not on what the woman did or didn’t do, what the woman did or didn’t wear, nor on what the woman did or didn’t drink.”

“We need to ensure this critical reform is accompanied by adequate resourcing of education and support services to ensure the law has real meaning - and that everything is done to prevent sexual assault from taking place in the first place.”

"The clear message to activists, advocates, experts and community organisers who have been saying #EnoughIsEnough is that collective action is powerful, it can make those in power listen and it can achieve change."


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