Mental Health Months Events

Read in Parliament on 22 October 2015:

I acknowledge the fantastic Mental Health Month events and activities that took place across the electorate of Newtown over past weeks. I particularly acknowledge the efforts of Ability Links NSW, the Sydney City team and the Compeer program for their "Unleash Your Creativity" event at the Redfern Community Centre. I also was pleased to attend this year's Annual Mental Health Month event at the Northcott Community Centre that is run by the Inner City Mental Health Recovery Working Party.

I commend the work of Douglas Holmes for putting on another fantastic "Don't Lose Your Marbles" challenge and congratulate all teams that participated in the challenge. I also acknowledge the tireless efforts of Laura Kelly at Counterpoint Community Services and all of the participants of the Redfern and Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board for putting on extremely successful "Value Your Mind" community days.








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