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Amendment to ban Retaliatory Evictions

During debate on emergency measures during COVID-19, Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP moved an amendment to ban retaliatory evictions during the pandemic.

Op Ed: Migrant Workers Deserve State Support

Here’s my opinion piece from Monday's Sydney Morning Herald. Let’s be done with arbitrary distinctions about who is entitled to certain wages or conditions, healthcare, housing or access to services based on the colour of someone’s passport or the status of their visa.All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights - and no laws or government policies should ever undermine this.

Federal Greens talk housing

Greens Leader Adam Bandt and Senator Mehreen Faruqi discuss the housing crisis, and the looming debt crisis if tenants are forced to repay 6 months rent after the shut down is over.

Fashion Revolution Week

I know we are in the middle of a pandemic and things are really intense, but it’s also Fashion Revolution Week. So to try to break up the endless virus content, we have let Tommie Mag take over our instagram.

Grants Available

New grants have been announced to help arts organisations, businesses and organisations survive the COVID-19 shut down. The City of Sydney has grants of up to $20,000 to help creative industries and the NSW Government has announced grants for socially isolated seniors to remain connected.

Newtown's Blessing Box

Our community has certainly come together during this pandemic. Newtown's beautiful Blessing Box is just one example of locals stepping up for each other. Well done to Maureen, Michelle and Joy for setting it up - such a lovely idea.

Media Release - Overdue Eviction Moratorium Welcome, But No Rent Relief Yet

In response to today’s announcement by the NSW Government outlining an eviction moratorium for NSW renters and other measures, Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Housing welcomed the much needed protection put in place through an eviction moratorium and increased funding for tenant support, but questioned whether the money allocated to the package will actually assist in reducing rents at this time. Jenny Leong MP said:“This moratorium on evictions in NSW, including protection from being blacklisted, will provide crucial protection for those who have been living with the stress of being evicted into homelessness because they can’t pay their rent.  

Renters waiting while Minister enjoys Pearl Beach ‘Holiday’ Home

This morning we woke to news that the NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin appears to have been spending time at his holiday home in Pearl Beach while artists, musos and all those working in the creative industries have been trying to come to terms with the reality of losing all of their income, cancelling all of their plans and in many cases facing the grim reality that they can’t pay their rent.

The Pace of the Pandemic

Since we have entered this new world order, the 24/7 political news cycle, the live pressers, the snappy posts, the edgy tweets, and the record breaking stats are being pushed out a pace more rapid than ever before.

Planning law changes under the Emergency Measures

The NSW Planning Minister has used powers under the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act to extend the hours developers and construction companies are able to work - clearing the way for 7-days of work on construction sites for existing projects.  These extended hours have come into force this week causing much concern to residents who will be severely impacted. At a time when health advice is directing people to maintain social distancing, work from home and stay at home - it is understandable that many are worried about these extended construction hours. There will no doubt be additional stress put on people living near construction sites who, under these changes, will have to tolerate unbroken days of construction impacts. Many of our local communities are currently already impacted badly by WestConnex construction - and this will only exacerbate the problem. Jamie Parker MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on Planning released this statement and continues to advocate for communities impacted by these changes. You can see him on a recent interview on Nine News here. It is clear that the Government must: Stop all night work Provide effective noise and dust mitigation Install noise and vibration monitors in impacted homes Provide a strict noise timetable. 

Greens call for urgent support for non-citizens in Australia

Non-citizens living in Australia have been stranded with no income, no housing and no way to leave the country and governments must urgently step in to give people access to the same support as citizens, Greens NSW Multicultural spokesperson Jenny Leong said today.

Assistance needed for non-citizens during COVID-19

[UPDATE 19 May 2020] The Sydney Alliance are calling on the NSW Government to provide urgent financial support for those people in NSW not covered by JobKeeper and JobSeeker. I responded to their letter on behalf of the NSW Greens as the Greens Spokesperson for Multiculturalism and you can find our response here. [UPDATE 15 April 2020] We are pleased to support the #unityoverfear campaign - please take a minute to do the same. The anti-chinese and anti-asian narratives and actions are causing many people, including myself, real harm at this time. Racism is NEVER okay. [UPDATE 31 MARCH, 2020] Today I wrote to the NSW Premier on behalf of a large cohort of people who live in the electorate of Newtown, our city and NSW, who are currently facing extremely difficult circumstances and have become very vulnerable as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can download the full letter here. Our office has been contacted by a significant number of non-citizens who do not have any resources to support themselves and are not able to access the measures put in place for citizens or those offered yesterday by the federal government to category 444 visa holders. As the NSW Greens Multicultural spokesperson, I feel very strongly that to ensure a cohesive society where everyone is treated equally and is able to live free from discrimination and racism, we need to ensure that wherever possible all people are able to access basic needs, services and supports without regard to their citizenship status. This is particularly important during times of crisis, and even more so during this current pandemic.

What?! New mining approvals during a pandemic

Community consultation has never been the Coalition’s forte. We can’t let them now use COVID-19 as an excuse to ignore the community and ram through controversial mining projects. Email the government now to demand a moratorium on new coal and gas projects:

Greens amendments to protect renters pass NSW Parliament

The Greens NSW successfully amended the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Bill in NSW Parliament last night, to enable protections for renters to be part of the emergency response by the relevant Ministers now that Parliament has been adjourned.

Jenny Leong MP on COVID19 Emergency Measures

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown contributed to the unprecedented bill implementing urgent measures to deal with the COVID19 pandemic on behalf of the Greens.

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