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Jenny Leong MP Asks the Minister About Safety Audits for Public Housing

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has asked the Minister for Families and Communities to reassure residents of public housing in Redfern that their safety is assured following a recent fire.

Congratulating Dr Sophie Calabretto

Jenny Leong MP congratulated Redfern resident, Dr Sophie Calabretto who was a finalist for the 2019 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science.

Community Recognition for the One Voice Choir Redfern

Jenny Leong MP has recognised the diverse and inspiring One Voice Redfern Choir which is made up of over 40 members from Redfern, Waterloo and surrounds.

Community Recognition for The Social Outfit

Jenny Leong MP asked the Parliament to recognise the amazing work, and incredible achievements of The Social Outfit, and pay particular tribute to former CEO Jackie Ruddock whose hard work and dedication to ethical fashion has had such a positive impact on our local community. 

Jenny Leong MP on the Dissolution of RMS

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has praised the dissolution of the RMS, which will see it's responsibilities handed over to Transport for NSW.

1 year anniversary of the Surry Hills Community Connect

Jenny Leong MP recognised the 1 year anniversary of the Surry Hills Community Connect in Northcott Public Housing estate and congratulated all those involved in the success of the Community Connect.

Jenny Leong MP on The Project

Jenny stepped out of the chamber on Thursday night to update The Project on the bill to decriminalise abortion.

Jenny Leong MP on Wage Theft

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown calls out the prevalence of wage theft in the hospitality industry and calls for stronger protections for workers.

Greens to Co-Sponsor NSW Abortion Law Reform Bill

The NSW Greens are 100% pro-choice and pleased to be joining with pro-choice MPs from across the political spectrum to co-sponsor the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019. Jenny Leong MP, Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights, and Abigail Boyd, Greens Women’s Equity and Economic Justice spokesperson will be named on the Bill as co-sponsors along with 13 other NSW Members of Parliament.

Greens Welcome Latest Move to Reform Abortion Laws

MEDIA RELEASE: Greens Welcome Latest Move to Reform Abortion Laws   Jenny Leong MP, the NSW Greens spokesperson for Women’s Rights, along with Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, have welcomed the latest move to decriminalise abortion in NSW and congratulated the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance and those who have been pushing for this much-needed reform. "It's past time for women to have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. It's time for abortion law reform," Ms Leong said. "I look forward to working collaboratively with pro-choice members of the NSW Parliament to finally achieve the change we all want, and our community needs. “The Greens offer our heart-felt thanks and congratulations to the NSW Pro-Choice Alliance and feminist women’s organisations and activists who have played a leading role in getting us to where we are today. “If we succeed in getting this change through the NSW Parliament, it will be the culmination of a campaign that our mothers, indeed our grandmothers, feminists and pro-choice activists have been fighting for over generations,” Ms Leong said. Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Senator for NSW said: “It's been almost three years since I introduced the first bill to decriminalise abortion, putting the issue onto the political agenda. I'm so proud of the Greens role in catalysing debate on reproductive rights. “Abortion law reform is something that the community overwhelmingly wants. It's time to bring NSW out of the dark ages.  “Decriminalisation of abortion is the beginning not the end. We need sustained effort to increase access and reduce costs, especially for rural and regional women,” she concluded.  

Community save Globe Wilkins preschool

The announcement this morning by Sarah Mitchell, Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning that the Globe Wilkins Preschool will be maintained onsite at the Wilkins Public School is a big win for the local community, according to Jenny Leong MP, Greens state Member for Newtown and Greens Inner West Councillor, Tom Kiat.   Jenny Leong MP “This is a big win for all the parents and local community who must be congratulated for campaigning hard to keep this invaluable preschool in our community. “This welcome announcement shows that the state government has recognized the role the Globe Wilkins Preschool plays in setting the high bar of excellence in early childhood education over many years. “Building a new preschool at Wilkins will mean that the excellent work Globe Wilkins does with its Aboriginal Preschool Language program and its ongoing support for children with a disability, will continue and grow.

Media Release: Budget delivers accessible train station upgrades

The Newtown electorate has received key funding in the 2019-2020 state budget to progress crucial accessibility station upgrades, according to Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown  “As a Greens MP I know that the best way to get outcomes for our local community is to work closely with residents and advocate strongly for our community to the Government – we are pleased to see that this approach has worked when it comes to delivering accessibility infrastructure for our train stations in the Newtown electorate. “We knew that Redfern station was a high priority for accessibility upgrades thanks to years of strong campaigning from the community. We are pleased to see these upgrades confirmed in the budget following the earlier announcement, and we are in consultation with Government to ensure that all platforms at Redfern station are made accessible.

Greens NSW statement on NSW Liberal Government response to WestConnex Inquiry

The release of the Berejiklian government’s response to the Recommendations of the Public Accountability Committee’s Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex shows contempt for those who have been significantly and negatively affected by WestConnex and for the committee process as a whole.  Many community members campaigned long and hard for this Inquiry and at times the testimonies provided were highly emotional and demonstrated the personal and financial toll WestConnex has had on so many people.

Jenny Leong MP Speaks up for Young People

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has spoken up for young people in the NSW Parliament.

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