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Jenny Leong MP congratulates winners of the Resilient Australia Awards

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has congratulated the two impressive organisations from the Newtown electorate who took home Resilient Australia Awards this year.

Jenny Leong MP recognises winners of the ACON Honour Awards

Each year the ACON Honour Awards are an important opportunity to recognise the inedible work being done for and by the LGBTIQ+ community in NSW.

Jenny Leong MP calls for greater Koala protection in NSW

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has condemned the Liberals and National for their woefully inadequate measures to protect Koala habitats in NSW.

Jenny Leong MP praises bill to make organisations more accountable

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown spoke on behalf of the Greens on the bill, which makes it easier for victims of child sexual abuse in institutions to prove that the organisations under whose auspices they were abused were legally liable.

Opera House Controversy: It's Our House

In response to the bullying and corporate exploitation of one of Australia’s most significant and iconic public places - the Sydney Opera House, Jenny Leong MP called out the culture of bullying in NSW, and joined with the community to draw a line in the sand to the Liberal and ALP’s capitulation to corporate bullying and the interests of the racing industry in this state.                            

Greens respond to new NSW Rental laws: key reforms missing

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens Housing spokesperson has responded to the passing of the Residential Tenancies Act in Parliament today, praising some changes, but saying the new laws fail to give renters basic security of tenure by ending unfair no grounds evictions.

Our community is not for sale

October 2018  - South Sydney Herald column There’s a lot going on right now in our local community when it comes to infrastructure, but not in a good way! The NSW Liberals and their big business mates seem hell bent on taking all they can from our neighbourhoods, and much less interested in giving us anything we actually need in return. Our community is vibrant, caring and creative. We value our public housing, our public schools, our public parks, our public transport. We recognise the need for significant investment in public services, including healthcare – and especially mental health support. We know that to end the housing crisis we will need to invest in more public, social and affordable housing. We know that privatisation and leaving it to the market doesn’t lead to better outcomes or address inequality.

Greens to introduce Bill to end exemptions that allow LGBTI discrimination in NSW

The Greens NSW have today announced that they will introduce a Private Members Bill to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act next week. The Bill will remove the exemptions that allow private educational authorities and religious organisations to discriminate against members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Media Release: Inquiry Hears of massive toll of WestConnex on communities

NSW Greens Transport Spokeswoman Cate Faehrmann has branded the troubled Westconnex toll road a textbook example of Government mismanagement, poor planning and skewed priorities following the first day of public hearings at the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the impacts of the Westconnex project. “Today we heard compelling evidence from experts and community members which highlighted that Westconnex is a textbook example of Government mismanagement, poor planning and skewed priorities,” Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said.

Sydneysiders draw a line in the sand over Opera House bullying

In response to the bullying and corporate exploitation of one of Australia’s most significant and iconic public places - the Sydney Opera House, Greens MP Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown calls out the culture of bullying in NSW. “I was appalled when I heard the CEO of the Opera House, Louise Herron, attacked publicly last week. This is about more than turning our beautiful public places into corporate collateral, this is about drawing a line in the sand and saying, enough is enough to the bullies in our community, she said.

Jenny Leong MP on Strata Laws

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has responded to changes to Strata Laws in NSW.

New Rental Laws introduced – Greens to amend Bill

The Greens have announced they will move a raft of amendments to protect renters, after the Fair Trading Minister today introduced a Bill amending the Residential Tenancies Act.

Jenny Leong says We Live Here

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has hit back at the Liberal/National governments privatisation agenda that has seen the whole sale sell-off of major parts of Redfern, Darlington, Waterloo and Eveleigh.

Greens: $2.6 billion Sydney Gateway spend irresponsible

The government’s announcement by the NSW Roads Minister that the Gateway project to Sydney Airport will cost taxpayers $2.6 billion demonstrates yet again the extraordinary cost blowout of Westconnex at the expense of public transport solutions, the Greens NSW said today. Cate Faehrmann MLC, NSW Greens spokesperson on Transport: “It’s grossly irresponsible that the government continues to throw billions of taxpayers’ money at new toll roads and motorways at the expense of world-class public transport options,” said Ms Faehrmann. “Tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is being spent on funneling more cars and trucks onto toll roads to please private operators, yet a fraction of this could be spent on providing direct public transport options for the tens of thousands of commuters and travellers using Sydney’s Mascot Airport every day. “If the government was serious about relieving congestion around Sydney Airport, it would buy back the airport stations from the private operator and get out of the contract that prevents direct bus services being provided to travellers,” said Ms Faehrmann. Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex:“The link to the Airport and Port Botany was one of the key rationales for the $16.8b WestConnex  project.  It’s now become a separate project costing a massive extra $2.6b and still does not link to Port Botany,” said Ms Leong.“The Liberal National government’s lack of proper planning and exorbitant expenditure on WestConnex and now the Sydney Gateway is astounding given there are far cheaper and more effective solutions. “This latest announcement that the Gateway link will be toll-free is not to be believed given the re-imposition of tolls on the M4 to make the sell-off deal sweeter for Transurban,” said Ms Leong.    

Liberal’s WestConnex Sale Locks Sydney into Toll Road Monopoly Future

Today’s announcement by the NSW Liberals that a 51% share of WestConnex has been sold to the Transurban consortium is the nail in the coffin for many of Sydney’s drivers who will now be at the mercy of a monopolised toll road regime for decades to come. Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex said: “WestConnex is the largest transfer of public funds into private pockets in this country and this sale is the apex of the Liberal’s wholesale sell out of the NSW public. This deal is more about providing a payoff to their big business mates than it is about serving the people of Sydney with efficient and affordable transport options.

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