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Greens Bring Anti- Sniffer Dog Bill Back to Parliament

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong will use the first day of NSW Parliament in 2016 to re-introduce a Greens’ Bill to end the use of drug detection dogs without a warrant on public transport, at festivals and in bars.

Longer Leases, Stable Rents and End to No-Grounds Evictions At Core of Greens’ Rental Law Reform Campaign

The Greens have called for extensive reform of NSW rental laws, to give renters improved access to safe and secure housing, in their response to the government’s Discussion Paper on the Review of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Greens MP joins rally to hightlight sham approval for WestConnex M4 East

NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong MP, joined outraged community members outside the NSW Department of Planning on March 15, responding to the NSWgovernment’s planning approval of the highly flawed WestConnex M4 East.

Police Attempt to Shutdown Community Rally for TJ Hickey

Today NSW Greens Aboriginal Justice and Police Spokesperson, David Shoebridge MP, and Member for Newtown and NSW Greens Human Rights spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP, expressed serious concern at actions taken by the police in an attempt to shut down a peaceful protest marking the tragic death of Aboriginal boy TJ Hickey in Redfern. The matter is in the NSW Supreme Court this morning at 10am.

Community Locked Out of Lockout Review

NSW Greens acting spokesperson on Liquor Laws Jenny Leong says the community is right to be outraged by the recent comments from Premier Mike Baird that have all but promised that Sydney’s CBD lockout laws will live on – even though the stipulated public review has not even begun. “The CBD lockouts were imposed with a top-down, heavy-handed approach from the Baird government. Yes, there was a problem, but there was no attempt to work with the community and key stakeholders to find a long-term solution that would keep our city vibrant, open and safe,” she says.

Tour of Australian Heritage Park with Heritage Minister Mark Speakman

Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong arranged for the Minister for Heritage to attend a tour of Austalian Heritage Park (ATP) in January 2016, with a number of historians and community representatives. With the sale of ATP to Mirvac, the management of the wealth of cultural, innovation and transport heritage at Australian Technology Park and surrounds is more urgent than ever.

Marrickville Council locks out WestConnex

Greens WestConnex spokesperson and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP congratulated Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore and Marrickville Councillors who, last night, voted to support resolutions against WestConnex. The resolutions included revoking permission that had been previously granted by Council officers for WestConnex preparatory drilling at Tempe Reserve and affirmed the right of residents to peacefully protest.

Senate backs Greens motion calling on Auditor-General to investigate WestConnex

The Greens motion calling on the Auditor-General to investigate the Commonwealth funding approvals for the WestConnex was passed by the Australian Senate today. Senator Rhiannon said: “Winning Senate support for a federal audit of WestConnex was a great breakthrough that comes on top of the release of the AEC political donations data that shines more light onto the problematic WestConnex project. “Since 1998 two major contractors for WestConnex, John Holland and Leighton and related entities, have donated over $3 million to the major parties. “Just last year toll road operator Transurban Holdings donated almost $18,000 to Liberal Party branches, and made payments totalling over $100,000 to a Liberal-aligned fundraising vehicle.

Sydney Theatre Report: Venue Shortage Means the Show Can’t Go On

A Sydney-based playwright, director and theatre producer has conducted an independent study of Sydney’s theatre venues, which has determined that there is both a lack of suitable venues and many barriers for theatre-makers looking for a suitable space. Steven Hopley’s Sydney Theatre Report 2015 has found that many theatre spaces are used as performance spaces less than 30% of the time, and that independent producers say that finding an affordable venue is the biggest problem they face when putting on a show.

City of Sydney Report Shows Jump in Newtown Late Night Foot Traffic

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has responded to today’s story in the SMH on a City of Sydney report on late-night pedestrian numbers throughout Sydney. The report notes a large decrease in nighttime foot traffic through Kings Cross and the CBD, and a sharp rise in pedestrian numbers in Newtown.

Greens MP Backs Community Direct Action Against WestConnex

Newtown MP Jenny Leong joined community residents and activists at Tempe Reserve this morning who had stopped preparatory drilling by WestConnex.  Ms Leong said, “If the Baird government is going to arrogantly ignore the planning process - signing billions in contracts and commencing exploratory drilling before approval has even been granted - then the community has no choice but to engage in nonviolent direct action to stop them.

Thousands of submissions against WestConnex New M5 EIS

Community groups and local residents fighting to stop WestConnex contributed a remarkable 9000 submissions to the Department of Planning by last Friday’s deadline.  These were in response to the latest Environmental Impact Statement for the the New M5, the section of toll road between Kingsgrove and St. Peters.  NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong said, "The fact that this remarkable number of submissions were made during the summer holiday period, shows the community’s level of concern and anger at having this expensive, 50’s style mega road forced on them without being offered cleaner, more sustainable options for solving Sydney’s transport congestion problems.

Save Marrickville Council - Stop the Forced Amalgamations

A week before Christmas the Liberal State Government announced its proposal to amalgamate Marrickville Council with Leichhardt and Ashfield councils. Soon after, it published its reasons and announced the appointment of a ‘Delegate’ to examine the proposal and report back to the Minister of Local Government by March 31, 2016. The process involved in this plan to amalgamate the councils and the reasons behind it are both seriously concerning and seek to further undermine our local community's involvement in local decisions. This isn't just stopping the NSW Baird Government from forcibly amalgamating our local council - it's about their bigger agenda - to remove local communities and local reprsentatives from decisions that impact us.

WestConnex: A Case Study In How Things Are Still Done In NSW

This is an excerpt of an opinion piece written by NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex Jenny Leong, published in New Matilda on 30 Jan, 2016 Corruption, dodgy deals and vested interests have unfortunately been synonymous with NSW politics for a long time. After 16 years of ALP rule, which saw government ministers delivering sweet deals for big business, developers, coal mining companies and their mates, the NSW public made it clear that enough was enough. The Coalition was elected on a landslide in 2011, only to be exposed for having some rather dirty laundry of their own. But when Mike Baird stepped up to lead the state nearly two years ago, there was at least a sense that those dark days were behind us and that things would change. Surely, we would see an end to in-house corruption, improvements to governance, and increases in transparency and improvements to independent oversight – all cornerstones of a functioning democracy.

Greens MPs Say Light Rail Along Parramatta Road Is A Winner

Welcoming news that Sydney University has added its weight behind the campaign for light rail along Parramatta Road, the two local state members said the Liberal State Government needed to meet community expectations and jump into the 21st century with its transport planning.

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