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Transgender and Intersex Law Reform

Today we added our voice to calls to reform laws that cause serious harm to transgender and intersex people. Let's put an end to state-sanction discrimination in NSW.   

Greens Support Legislation Protecting People Who Buy Property Off the Plan

Today the Greens supported legislation preventing developers from terminating contracts for financial gain using sunset clause provisions on property bought off the plan.   

Labor and Liberal Parties Hand Millions to Gambling Industry

Today the Labor and Liberal Parties joined hands to hand millions of dollars in tax concessions to the racing and gambling industries. We should be investing in health and education, not splashing money on the racing and gambling industries.   

Australian Technology Park to be sold off to Mirvac

Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong has expressed disgust at the Government’s decision to forge ahead with the privatisation of the Australian Technology Park and Eveleigh Railyards site despite their important public and heritage value. The Local Member has vowed to continue to work with the community to ensure that public access to the sites is not lost and that the living heritage and specialisation in innovation is maintained. “This publically owned space should not be seen as a cash-cow for developers. We’ve seen this behaviour from successive NSW Governments, selling off valuable public assets with benefits going to their developer mates. “This is an irreplaceable part of the historic fabric of Sydney’s inner city. Once it’s taken out of public hands we’ll lose it forever. “It’s distressing to think that this innovation hub and heritage site could soon be branded with big, flashy ‘Comm Bank’ logos.

Sydney Rally: No More Delays! Marriage Equality NOW!

NSW Greens spokesperson on Sexuality and Gender Diversity Jenny Leong joined the 'No More Delays! Marriage Equality NOW!' rally at Sydney's Town Hall on November 7th, alongside thousands of marriage equality supporters. The Federal Coalition has been fiercely opposing equal marriage rights for over a decade. Their latest proposal for a national plebiscite is an insulting delaying tactic and a blatant refusal to act immediately on an issue that has the support of the majority of Australian.

Greens Call On Councils To Stay Strong On Mergers

Media Release - 11 November 2015 Marrickville Greens Councillors called on Inner West mayors to respect the resolutions of their Councils and continue to stand up against forced amalgamations, after the Councils adopted near identical resolutions that claim to resist amalgamations and to submit merger options under protest - with a view to them only being implemented if the Baird Government forces the issue.  Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said, "It's clear that the vast majority of residents in the Inner West want their Council to stand alone and not merge and that's the position that Marrickville Council took last night.” The Greens voted against submitting a ‘Plan B’ merger for a Marrickville-Ashfield-Leichhardt Council, as the Greens believe that Councils should not be merged without a vote of affected residents.

Arts Ministers should help Tropfest open curtains this year

The Greens have called on the NSW and Federal Arts Ministers to sit down with John Polson and Tropfest organisers to see what they can do to make sure the world’s largest short film festival is able to run this year.

Protecting Heritage, Innovation and Living History in the Australian Technology Park

After it was announced that the Australian Technology Park sold off to Mirvac, our office worked hard together with the community to preserve the heritage, living history, innovation and inner-city green space at the ATP and Eveleigh Tram Sheds precinct. We joined with community groups including REDWatch, the Alexandria Residents Action Group, and the Friends of Erskineville to ensure that these valuable inner city spaces were properly protected.

Liberal Government Removes Right of Casuals Refuse to Work on Boxing Day

Today the NSW Liberal Government removed the right of casuals to refuse to work on Boxing Day. The Greens support the right of all workers to spend this important day with family and loved ones.   

Greens Oppose Privatisation of the Australian Technology Park

The Australian Technology Park is of great significance both for its heritage and ongoing contribution to the community in Sydney. The Greens want to keep this vital site in public hands.   

Safe Schools an Essential Program

Media Release - 6 November 2015 The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is promoting a campaign against the Safe Schools Coalition program around Australia. Greens NSW Sexuality and Gender Diversity Spokesperson Jenny Leong says that the program is an essential service that provides support for vulnerable students and their families. She says: “We are disappointed but not surprised to see yet another scare campaign by the ACL targeting an important service for the LGBTIQ community.” “The Greens are proud supporters of the Safe Schools Program, and feel that ensuring our young people feel safe and included at school is key to their wellbeing.

M4East EIS Submissions

Thousands of residents have made submissions to the WestConnex M4East Tunnel Environmental Impact Statement. Those submissions have raised concerns with a range of issues that will have negative impacts on communities across Sydney, including traffic co0ngestion on local streets, destructions of bushland and greenspace, destruction of heritage listed buildings, increased carbon emissions and air pollution and the forced eviction of hundreds of people from their homes.

Unfair Strata Laws Bring Insecurity for Strata Owners

With the help of the CDP and the Shooters’ Party the Government’s Strata Schemes Development Bill has passed the NSW Upper House. This means that a provision allowing the collective sale of a strata scheme with the support of just 75% of owners will now come into force. The Greens raised concerns and proposed amendments in both the Lower and Upper Houses, but our calls for protection of home-ownership rights were ignored.

Question to the Premier: Westconnex Business case. Why the Delay?

Today I asked the Premier to explain the delay in the release of the WestConnex business case that the Government had committed to publicly releasing in mid-2015?  

Community Recognition: Ethnic Communities Council of NSW Fortieth Anniversary

Celebrating the fortieth anniversay of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW.  

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