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Community Recognition: Mental Health Month

Today we acknowledged the fantastic Mental Health Month events and activities that took place across the electorate of Newtown.   

Greens in Parliament: Bail Amendments and Extraordinary Police Powers

Today the Government introduced unnecessary changes to bail laws making the application of bail less transparent and less consistent, and extending extraordinary police powers. Read our speech opposing these changes below.   

Community Recognition: ACON Community Honour Awards

Today we acknowledged the Community Honour Awards established by the AIDS Council of New South Wales.   

New Strata Laws Set to Force People from their Homes

Media Release – 20 October 2015   New Strata Laws Set to Force People from their Homes   Today the Government’s Strata Schemes Development Bill passed through the NSW Lower House after the Government gagged debate and stopped the Greens and opposition to even speak to amendments.   The Bill is part of the Government’s overhaul of NSW strata laws. There has been strong opposition to the elements of the proposed legislation that deal with the collective sale or redevelopment of a strata scheme as it will allow the collective sale of a scheme with the support of just 75% of owners.   Greens spokesperson for Rental, Tenancy and Strata Jenny Leong MP, after being gagged from speaking to her amendments, voted against the Bill, saying that the Greens cannot support a Bill that will force people from their homes.   “We have been contacted by many community members who are extremely concerned by this proposed legislation. They are fearful because their home, which is a unit in a strata scheme, can be forcibly taken away from them if this becomes law.   “Many of them are older residents who, approaching retirement, invested in a property that would provide them with security through their later years. This legislation takes away that security.    “The Government is clearly concerned about the growing community opposition to these changes and moved to rush things through and gag adequate consideration of amendments.

Strata Law Changes: Homes Before Profit

Today the Government pushed through legislation that will allow home owners to be kicked out of their property. The Greens oppose any bill that puts profit before people's secure occupation of their home.  

Government forced to recognise WestConnex asbestos concerns

Today Member for Newtown and NSW Greens Spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong highlighted ongoing community concerns around the works happening at sites contaminated by asbestos that are part of the proposed WestConnex project. She asked NSW Premier Mike Baird what action he would take to protect residents, workers and business owners from exposure to asbestos, given reports of serious concerns that contractors are not adhering to safety procedures.

Question to the Premier: Westconnex Asbestos Exposure. What is Being Done?

Today we asked the Premier what action is being taken to protect residents, workers and business owners from exposure to asbestos as a result of WestConnex at the Alexandria landfill site, in Granville and along the route of the M4 East widening, given reports that contractors are not adhering to safety procedures?  

We Must Address the Housing Affordability Crisis

Today I called on the Government to take meaningful action to address the Housing Affordability Crisis.   

Saturday's Snap Action in St Peters

On Saturday 3rd October Member for Newtown and Greens Spokesperson for WestConnex Jenny Leong joined the snap action at the Alexandria Landfill site in St Peters. The site is contaminated with asbestos and residents are rightly concerned about its safe removal. Jenny joined Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and community groups including No WestConnex and the WestConnex Action Group to highlight the many community objections to the WestConnex dirty tollway project.

Labor supports pro-WestConnex Liberal as Deputy Mayor of Marrickville

Media Release – 23 September 2015 Last night at the Marrickville Council Mayoral vote Labor councillors, including the Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen, aligned with conservatives to secure themselves the mayoralty and vote in a pro-WestConnex Liberal Deputy Mayor. “This is clearly a bad outcome for our progressive community – to have the Labor Party once again reject the offer from the Greens to work together to take on the roles of Mayor and Deputy Mayor,” said Greens Councillor and Mayoral candidate Melissa Brooks.

One gaffe too many from Gay

Media Release – 18 September 2015 WestConnex: One Gaffe too many from Gay NSW Greens WestConnex spokesperson Jenny Leong MP today called on NSW Premier Mike Baird to immediately intervene to halt all activities in relation to WestConnex after an error with the information provided in the Environmental Impact Statement.   “This is one gaffe too many from Roads Minister Duncan Gay and the WestConnex Delivery Authority. It makes it clear that this process is being rushed and mistakes are being made.   “It's time for Premier Mike Baird to step in, bring the arrogance of his Roads Minister Duncan Gay under control, and put a halt to all activity until there is a publicly available comprehensive business case that justifies this $15.4 billion polluting tollway disaster.   “We have just had hand delivered two new versions of two parts of the WestConnex environmental impact statement to replace the original versions, which had information omitted.   “Already the timeline for consultation and making submissions was too short, so simply extending the consultation period to cover for this error isn’t enough.   “We are supportive of community and local council calls for this to be extended to 90 days.   “At the start of this week Marrickville Council voted to issue a stop work order on the St Peters landfill site until the WestConnex Delivery Authority could confirm the activities being undertaken were the subject of a valid development consent or a valid exemption from Council development controls.   “The Roads Minister is out of control and must be brought in to line. It’s time the Premier stepped in,” she said.

Newtown MP congratulates Marrickville Council’s tough stand against WestConnex Delivery Authority

Media Release – 17 September 2015 Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong congratulated Marrickville Council for its strong decision to seek a stop work order against the WestConnex Delivery Authority’s activities at the former Dial a Dump waste dump at St Peters. Council voted on Tuesday night to immediately issue a stop work order on the site until the WestConnex Delivery Authority could confirm the activities being undertaken are the subject of a valid development consent or a valid exemption from Council development controls, subject to legal advice.

Greens in Parliament: Addressing Antisocial Behaviour in Public Housing

Today we called on the Government take steps to address antisocial behaviour in public housing without making vulnerable people homeless.   

Sydney ready to welcome refugees

Media Release – 17 September 2015 Today the Daily Telegraph published sensationalist coverage of the emergency resettlement of Syrian refugees in Sydney. Greens Member for Newtown and Spokesperson for Human Rights Jenny Leong said: “Australians have responded with compassion to the heart wrenching images of Syrian refugees left with nothing after escaping war and destruction in their country. We have shown that we are ready to welcome refugees and offer safety to some of the 4 million Syrian men, women and children now displaced by the conflict. “I am dismayed by the Daily Telegraph’s sensationalist coverage of the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Sydney.

Greens Oppose Closure of Newcastle Rail Line

The Greens are disturbed by the fact that while cities around the world appear to be closing motorways and investing in public transport, the New South Wales Government appears to be doing the exact opposite. The Greens will always support investment in public transport.   

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