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Time to halt WestConnex Nightmare on King St

Following new revelations this morning undermining the over $15 billion WestConnex project – with the government’s own modelling showing the project will not ease congestion on Sydney’s roads – Greens WestConnex spokesperson and MP for Newtown Jenny Leong has called for a halt to this tollway disaster. “WestConnex is shaping up as the Nightmare on King St parts 1 to 15 billion,” she said.

Duncan Gay insults residents; Community and Local Councils stand together

Media Release: 20 May 2015 The Greens NSW spokesperson for WestConnex and Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP has expressed disgust at Minister for Roads Duncan Gay for his insulting comments directed at concerned residents opposed to WestConnex and congratulated Marrickville Council on their latest move to oppose the project Minister Gaye’s comments in the SMH.  “The school yard style insults reportedly made at a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia lunch by the Minister for Roads shows the complete disregard he has for genuine community concerns about the misuse of public money on polluting tollways,” Jenny said.

Jenny Leong MP congratulates Marrickville Council on opposition to WestConnex

Jenny Leong MP for Newtown and NSW Greens spokesperson for WestConnex has congratulated Marrickville Council on their stand against WestConnex and in support of community action. At their meeting on 19 May 2015, Marrickville Council passed a motion to create and fund the WestConnex Advisory Committee and called for a full parliamentary inquiry and a halt to the tender process.  

Motion to Oppose Forced Council Mergers

Today we moved a motion opposing forced council mergers.   

Community Recognition: NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and Sydney Star Observer

Acknowledging the fantastic work of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby in conjunction with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex [LGBTI] news publication the Star Observer.  

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

On Wednesday 13 May 2015, Jenny Leong, The Greens MP for Newtown and Greens NSW Spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Identity, spoke on a Matter of Public Importance in NSW Parliament. Jenny spoke about the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, to be held on May 17-18 2015.

Community Recognition: Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Events in Newtown

Acknowledging the work of the Asian Australian Alliance Women's Forum, members of the Nepalese community and BloodWood Restaurant and Bar in Newtown in fundraising efforts this week to support recovery efforts following the earthquakes in Nepal.  

Statement Supporting International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia [IDAHOT]

Read our statement supporting International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia [IDAHOT].  

Leong sets out her priorities (Inner West Courier)

GREENS MP VOWS TO STAND UP FOR RIGHTS OF COMMUNITY Published in the Inner West Courier - 12 May 2015 by Sarah Sharples

Our Statement on the Federal Budget

Today we drew attention to the upcoming federal budget and its implications for the Newtown Electorate.  

Government shifts on WestConnex business case

Responding to Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong in Question Time today, Minister for Transport Andrew Constance confirmed the government would finally release parts of the full business case for WestConnex. The Minister’s office confirmed that the non-commercial-in-confidence elements of the business case would be released in July.

Jenny makes inaugural speech

Last night I made my first speech in NSW Parliament. So many people who have been part of the campaign and the Greens and our progressive movement for so long filled the house for the occasion. It was a great showing of our strong community and we certainly made a mark on the opening day of the 56th parliament!

Community Recognition: Westconnex Action Group

Today we acknowledged the dedicated creativity and bravery of the WestConnex Action Group and all those who are standing up to the polluting and damaging WestConnex project.  

Anglicare snapshot shows that it’s time for urgent action on housing affordability crisis

MEDIA RELEASE: Anglicare snapshot shows that it’s time for urgent action on housing affordability crisis An important new Rental Affordability Snapshot from Anglicare highlights the need for broad reforms to housing policy and tenancy laws to address the crisis in the state’s housing sector, warn the Greens.

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