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Jenny Leong call for greater funding for Community Legal Centres

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong has called on the Liberal/National Government to properly invest in Community Legal Centres in recognition of their vital work.

Jenny Leong calls for massive investment in social housing in NSW

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has called out the government for ignoring the housing crisis in NSW, and refusing to invest in social housing in any meaningful way.  

Jenny Leong calls on the Government to criminalise Coercive Control

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown has called on the government to urgently act to criminalise coercive control.  

Jenny Leong MP on protocol for homeless people in public places

As a member of the committee conducting the inquiry into the protocol for homeless people in public places, Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has commented on the report as it was delivered.

Jenny Leong asks the Premier about pest control in public housing

Jenny Leong, The Greens Member for Newtown has asked the NSW Premier to justify the Liberal Governments refusal to conduct pest control to address large scale rat and cockroach infestations in properties leased as public housing.

Save South Eveleigh Public Housing BBQ

The NSW Liberal National government is planning to demolish and privatise the public housing estate in South Eveleigh on Explorer St and Aurora Place.  Residents will be forced to relocate while high density housing is built on this site that will contain up to 70% private housing. Currently there are 46 town houses on the site housing families and larger households. The plan is to increase the number of dwellings to 430 and make 70% of these private housing with only 30% public housing. This may also end up reducing the actual amount of public housing on the site as 3 and 4 bedroom homes are being replaced by 1 and 2 bedroom units. Public land should not be given to private developers. We are facing an acute affordable housing crisis with some 50,000 eligible applications for public housing on the NSW waiting list with delays of up to 10 years for housing.Communities in Glebe are facing a similar situation with the public housing estate in Franklin Street up for demolition and 70% privitisation as well.  Join the gathering and BBQ to keep public housing in public hands!  Save South Eveleigh Public Housing BBQSaturday February 13 from 12-2pmSouth Sydney Rotary Park  Share this Facebook event Co hosted by Jenny Leong MP and the Friends of Erskineville (FOE) More Information:  Read our media statement on this and the proposal in Glebe Read the Resolution from the South Eveleigh Community meeting of Dec 2020 Sign the Friends of Erskineville and Hands Off Glebe petition to the Housing Minister  Read Jenny Leong MP's Notice of Motion in the NSW Parliament 

Proposal to open up Moore Park Golf Course as a public park

There is only a short time left to have your say on plans by the City of Sydney to open up part of the Moore Park Golf Course as a public park. This plan will significantly improve liveability in our neighbourhood, but will only happen with the strong support of our community.

Have your say on cycleways in Erskineville and Alexandria

There is only a short time left to have your say on plans by the City of Sydney to build new safe, separated cycleways, in Erskineville and Alexandria. To make your submission on the new cycleways click here(closes 18 December)

Community rejects public housing redevelopment and sell off in Eveleigh

Local residents and community members in Eveleigh unanimously rejected the NSW Government's plan to redevelop the Explorer Street public housing estate at a community online meeting led by Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens NSW spokesperson on Housing. The meeting opposed the plan to use this site to create a large number of high density private dwellings with a small increase in public housing and affordable dwellings. The following resolution was passed on Dec 8, 2020:  This meeting of residents expresses its opposition to the proposed demolition and rebuilding of the social housing units at Explorer Street in Eveleigh. We believe public land should be used exclusively for social and affordable housing. These projects won’t address the social housing shortage in the inner city, they are out of keeping with the low-rise character of Eveleigh and they will displace residents for years. We call on the NSW Government to: Abandon their proposal to knock-down and rebuild this estate. Develop a comprehensive plan to fund a significant increase in social housing construction in NSW and significant maintenance works to ensure every home is in good, liveable condition.

Jenny Leong MP blasts the Government for their failure to support vital ICAC funding

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has blasted the Liberal/National government for failing to provide ICAC with vital funding.  

Greens move successful amendment to ensure consultation with Aboriginal communities on energy projects

Greens Member for Newtown, Jenny Leong MP has praised the Greens amendment to ensure that Aboriginal communities are consulted and included in the development of renewable energy infrastructure in NSW.

South Eveleigh Public Housing Redevelopment

Jenny Leong MP gave a Notice of Motion raising questions about the redevelopment of public housing in Eveleigh and calling for improved and increased public, social and affordable housing on public land. 

Greens Wholeheartedly Oppose Mandatory Disease Testing Bill

In late 2020 the NSW Liberal/National Police Minister, with the support of NSW Labor introduced the deeply flawed Mandatory Disease Testing Bill 2020. The Greens strongly oppose the bill on the basis that it does not come close to achieving its stated aim of protecting frontline workers from contracting blood-borne diseases and created unacceptable risks for certain communities - further vilifying and isolating certain people in our community. 

"Disgraceful" Drug Supply Prohibition Order Pilot Scheme Bill

The Greens absolutely oppose the "disgraceful" Drug Supply Prohibition Order Pilot Scheme Bill 2020. This bill creates a pilot scheme for drug prohibition orders which will apply in the Bankstown Police Area Command and the Coffs‑Clarence, Hunter Valley and Orana Mid-Western police districts for two years. Under the scheme police will be able to seek an order for a person who has been convicted of a serious drug offence. If the order is made police can stop, search and detain people without a warrant. It is clear that this is a bad bill.

Crucial Domestic Violence Legislative Amendments Welcome

Crucial amendments have been made by the Legislative Council to the Stronger Communities Legislation Amendment (Domestic Violence) Bill 2020. These amendments will go a long way to improve the outcomes for victim survivors of domestic and family violence in the State. 

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