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Revised Inner City High School Catchment Released

In good news for families living in Redfern, the Department of Education has revised the boundaries for the Inner City High School Catchment following a concerted community campaign to allow local kids to attend the school. “The revision will be a welcome win for some - but there still remains a number of unanswered questions.

Families in limbo: Minister fails to release Inner City High School catchment review

Families living around Redfern and Darlington have been left in limbo, after the Education Minister announced a review of the catchment for the new Inner City High School, but has failed to meet his own deadline, according to Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP.

WestConnex M4-M5 tunnel update

M4-M5 Tunnel Route This is the M4-M5 tunnel route map which allows you to zoom into your street address and see whether tunnelling will occur under your property and what the proposed depth of the tunnel will be. Just hold your mouse over your location and you will see the information appear in a pop out box. Sub-Stratum Acquisitions If your home is directly above the tunnel route, the Government will compulsorily acquire the land underneath the property. You will be sent a Property Acquisition Notice (PAN) under the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 before any tunnelling commences. This compulsory acquisition does not prevent a property owner from selling/buying/re-mortgaging their property. You can contact RMS for more information about substratum acquisitions by calling (02) 8849 2308 during working hours. Property precondition assessments  If your home is above or within 50 metres from the proposed tunnel, you should receive an offer for a free property pre and post condition assessment from the RMS.  Independent Property Impact Assessment Panel This panel is responsible for independently reviewing condition reports, resolution of property damage disputes and the establishment of ongoing settlement and vibration monitoring requirements. Either party can refer a dispute to the Panel with all costs borne by the RMS. For information on this panel contact RMS.  WestConnex Community Reference Groups Local community members can have issues raised via the WestConnex Community Reference Group and the Inner West Council's WestConnex Community Liaison Forum meetings. You can contact the Inner West Council for more information on these groups.  Community groups such as the WestConnex Action Group, Newtown Residents Against WestConnex, Leichhardt Against WestConnex and Rozelle Against WestConnex also provide information about local campaigns and developments.  How to complain Contact WestConnex for general information and the complaint line - 1800 660 248 Contact the NSW Environment Protection Authority about out-of-hours works, noise, dust, fumes, odour or any form of pollution. Contact the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's WestConnex Compliance Officer about construction work, workers, traffic or pedestrian changes - 1300 305 695. The Greens are calling for The redirection of funding from WestConnex and the M4-M5 Tunnel and Rozelle Interchange into world class public transport Deeper tunnelling Expansion of the zone of influence to 250m Vibration monitoring at homes within the zone of influence Deployment of ground movement detection and satellite technology to confirm causation of property damage Commitment to compensating property owners for compulsory underground acquisitions Additionally here are some of my speeches in parliament about WestConnex and these are a range of Questions on Notice on WestConnex that our office has submitted over the years. The Greens in the NSW parliament succeeded in establishing an Inquiry into WestConnex and the Findings and Recommendations of this NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex are here. Further information is available via our Stop WestConnex website. Please feel free to contact our office via email or phone us on 95172800 should you require any further information on the impact of WestConnex. Community Impact In December 2018 details of the latest WestConnex M4-M5 route and tunnel depths were published on an interactive map which showed a large number of locations where the proposed tunnel depths would be far shallower than previously indicated. Depths of between 16-25 metres under many residential streets in St Peters, Camperdown, Annandale and Leichhardt are unacceptable given the severe impacts which have already been seen on homes in other areas at deeper tunneling depths.  The Greens and affected community members are calling for the following:  Scrap WestConnex and redirect money into public transport Deeper tunnelling Community representative on the RMS damage assessment panel Expand the zone of influence to 250m Vibration monitoring at homes within zone of influence Deploy ground movement detection technology to confirm causation of property damage Commit to compensating property owners for compulsory underground acquisitions Our office wrote to the Premier,  Planning Minister Roberts and WestConnex Minister Ayres in December alerting them to the unacceptable tunnel depths and lack of consultation on the new route and the shallow tunnel depths and called on them to ensure that the new plans were considered properly.  The response we received in February is unsatisfactory and did not address the issues our office raised in relation to the changed tunnel depths. You can take action and call on the Premier to act to ensure that the proposed tunnel depths through Leichhardt, Annandale, Stanmore, Camperdown,Newtown and St Peters are reconsidered as a matter of urgency and that the community is given a formal opportunity to respond to these tunnel depths as well as the new route. You can download a hard copy of this letter and share it with your neighbours.  

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the light rail - update

The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the CBD and South East Light Rail Project, it has made some strong recommendations in its recently released Report. The significant financial and health impacts of this project have been recognised and recommendations have been made in relation to property damage and compensation as well as a call for Transport for NSW to provide ongoing mental health support. One of the big issues that our office has lobbied for on behalf of local residents - the need for an additional stop at Wimbo Park - has been taken up by the committee with a recommendation that Transport for NSW favourably review the need for a stop there. The Report also recognised there were significant problems with major infrastructure being built as a Public Private Partnership and recommended that the government formally request that the Auditor-General undertake a review into the effectiveness of such contracts for state significant infrastructure projects.  It's time to put an end to major public infrastructure projects being privatised in either construction or operation.

Unfair catchment for the Inner City High School

Today we wrote to the Premier and Education Minister requesting an update on the review of the proposed catchment for the Inner City High School.  Many parents have been in contact with our office concerned that their Year 6 children will soon be commencing transition to high school programs, and they don’t know what their local high school will be. Click on the image to read the full letter.

NSW Liberals Talk Big but Deliver Nothing on Homelessness

NSW Greens Housing and Homelessness spokesperson Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown has responded to the Liberal's homelessness announcement today by questioning the priorities of the Premier and highlighting the hypocrisy of the Minister for Family and Community Services. “While setting targets is welcome, the targets announced by the Liberals today would amount to housing fewer than 5 people every week across the whole state! Surely we can do better than that.

Media Release: Greens in Newtown and Ballina support your right to party

Greens Members for Newtown and Ballina have confirmed their support for the Australian Festivals Association’s (AFA) demands on the NSW Government as the internationally renowned Bluesfest threatens to move the festival to Queensland. The Director of Bluesfest has squarely pointed the finger at this government for their actions. Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown "The Greens absolutely support the AFA’s calls, in fact we consider what they are asking for to be the basic minimum standard for community consultation and evidence-based policy making,”  said Jenny Leong, Greens MP for Newtown. "We’ve seen the Liberals and Nationals impose lockouts, attempt to shut down our city and stop us from dancing - and now they are throwing the same sort of uninformed and outdated views on our festivals and it’s having enormous consequences. "The Greens were the only party in the NSW Parliament to stand strong and oppose the lockout laws when they were introduced - our position is clear - we oppose the Sydney and CBD lockouts, we support pill-testing and we want a thriving and creative live music scene,” she said. “We need to stop the over policing of festivals - including banning sniffer dogs -  and support our musicians and the music industry in NSW." Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina “Today’s statements from the Director of the award winning Bluesfest are a real worry, this festival is such an important part of the local economy and our community,” said Tamara Smith, Greens MP for Ballina. “Regional festivals don't want to suffer the same fate as Sydney when lockouts were introduced and to see a hugely successful Festival in its 30th year, fighting for its existence is shocking. “This government seems hell bent on dismantling our music industry and closing down cultural events - it’s shameful. “Bluesfest are just the latest business owners to worry about how to keep the lights on in the face of restrictive and over the top government actions and they are likely not the last." Background: Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown, tabled the petition signed by 10,000+ people in support of Keeping Sydney Safe and Open in 2016 - her speech is available here:  

Media Release: Greens - Waterloo redevelopment plans need a radical rethink

Today's announcement by the NSW Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward on the plans for the redevelopment of the Waterloo housing estate represents one of the NSW Liberal National government’s largest sell offs of a public asset, according to NSW Greens Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown. “This is public land and right now there’s an urgent need for a significant action to address the housing stress people in our city are currently experiencing.  “In the current crisis, it is unacceptable that 70% of the proposed development on this public land will be turned over to corporate developers to make massive profits  – it’s time to call a halt to this scam.

Inner City High School Catchment

After a long wait and much anticipation, the catchment area for our new Inner City High School on Cleveland Street was released on Friday - and to be frank about it, it's utterly absurd. As you can see from the map below, the catchment takes in areas as far away from the site as Darling Point and Woollahra, but the school will not be accessible to families who live directly across the road from it, let alone the nearby areas of Redfern, Darlington and Chippendale. The fact the catchment skirts around areas with high concentrations of public housing in Redfern and Waterloo is also much cause for concern.

Urgent Call to Delay Demolition of Sydney Football Stadium

In response to media reports that the demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium will begin this week, bypassing due process, we have written to the Minister for Planning seeking his urgent intervention. Our office has been contacted by several residents who are concerned that this major project is being rushed through without the required checks and balances, and without considering the serious impacts on the local community.  If you would like to add you voice to the call for urgent intervention from the Minister for Planning, please get in touch via or contact Minister Roberts directly here

Proposed Montessori school in Camperdown

In response to concerns raised by local residents in Camperdown regarding the proposed Inner Sydney Montessori school at 1-7 Probert St, Camperdown, we have written to the Minister for Education seeking clarification as to the guidelines that determine whether a site is suitable for a school. We are seeking information from the Minister for Education on the guidelines used by the Education Department to assess needs, suitability and locations for school developments and also whether there are any other guidelines used when assessing private school developments.   The local community has been informed that this development will be assessed as a State Significant Development and that the Inner Sydney Montessori Association will soon lodge a formal application for a school with a capacity of 120 children which would operate 6 days a week.We understand that the Inner Sydney Montessori Association has existing approval to run a Parent and Toddler Program on this  site 6 days week which allows for sessions for up to 8 children and their parents to attend sessions every 2 hours between Monday and Saturday. We ask all local residents living in and around Probert St that want to share further information and be kept informed as things develop to get in touch with our office by emailing

Media Release: Parliamentary Inquiry Recommendations expose WestConnex debacle

The Greens respond to the Report by the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Impact of WestConnex which was secured by the Greens and the community. Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong MP: “The evidence and Recommendations of the Report demonstrate that this project has been a debacle. “The planning, delivery, financing and lack of transparency has caused significant negative impacts on the community. “The damage that his project will have on our community is far from over with years of devastating construction and billions of dollars of expenses still to come.

Pemulwuy project plan for largescale student accommodation on The Block

The Aboriginal Housing Company has submitted modified plans for the Pemulwuy Project which includes aboriginal affordable housing and student housing on The Block. These plans and the submissions regarding this new proposal are currently being reviewed by the Independent Planning Commission and you can find details here.  

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