Newtown MP Joins Campaign To Improve the Maligned 370 Route

Published in Central Sydney, 2 November 2016

The campaign to bring the “worst bus in Australia” into line has amped up, with a state MP launching her own bid.

Last month, Central Sydney exposed the 370 route — which runs between Leichhardt and Coogee via Glebe and Newtown — as one of the worst in the state.

In the past year, it has attracted 501 complaints to State Transit, seven years after a Facebook page was created for commuters to share their experiences.

The Universe Would Cease to Exist if the 370 Bus Arrived on Time has hundreds of members who post almost daily about drivers who refuse to stop and buses running more than an hour late. One fed-up passenger labelled the 370 the “worst bus ever”.

Newtown state Greens MP Jenny Leong has called on commuters to sign a petition to fix the issue. Today, she will launch a campaign encouraging people to share their experiences.

In October, Ms Leong addressed the Parliament to congratulate “anybody who has managed to use it to get somewhere on time”.

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